I Quit My Job

It's not as bad as it sounds. If you recall, I only work(ed) two days a month. I was full time pre-kids, but slowly dwindled down to next to nothing. 

This has been a along time coming. With Joe's long and late hours, most stuff around here falls on me. My Mom was nice enough to watch the kids for us while I worked every other Saturday but even then, it's a balancing act. My Mom is a busy lady. She works full time, has horses and is the secretary of her trail riding club. Trail ride season is just around the corner. Aside from that, if it's not one thing it's another; Birthday parties, the upcoming move, one of us being sick, a random event etc.

 I enjoy my job, clients and co-workers, which is why I've hung around for this long, but it's just not worth it anymore. We live close to my job. My mom does not. We aren't early risers and getting the kids up, fed, ready and then driving out of the way to my mom's, then driving back past our house to work and then doing it all over again to pick them up wasn't worth it for maybe a few appointments. The new house is even closer to work, and farther from my moms. It would literally be a 20+ minute drive one way to my mom's house, times four. 

I loved getting a little adult time. My clients are great. My manager is awesome. She was a busy mother with two small kids once and totally understands my decision to step back for now. 

I grew up at that place. I've worked there for ten years. TEN years. I wasn't even twenty when I started working there. Joe and I hadn't even been dating that long. Some of the people there literally watched me grow into an adult, a wife and a mother. I've seen their daughters turn from little girls (I was the first person to ever put makeup on them!) to recent high school grads! My old manager's daughter used to read to me while she was learning to sound out words. She's in college now! 

 I'll miss it but I won't miss having to call out for this or that (most recently my cold) or to scramble for Joe's mom to watch the kids, or the early wake-ups. So now, I'm officially a stay at home mom! Like those 10ish hours a month really made a difference, but still.



  1. i am sure that was such a huge decision!! but it sounds like you really know what works for you family! i hope everything is so wonderful for you moving forward!!


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