We're Moving // No Idea Where

Keeping up with things around here has become such a habit that when I don't stop by for a few days it feels like forever. Life is hectic, y'all. 

1. Our house is under contract after being on the market for four days. 

 2. We don't have a house to move to. 


Let me explain. We've been browsing the market since before Christmas but recently got more serious about it. Last week we found a house we loved and submitted an offer. We put ours on the market. When you're putting in an offer, your house really should be on the market (unless you want two homes!). We hurried to get our offer in the very first day the house was listed....along with five other families. We upped our offer. Long story short - we didn't get it. 

A few days later (and a handful of showings), we get a great offer on our house. We accept. Inspection is on Friday. We have no house to move to. That same day we see a house pop up that we're interested in and rush to do a walk-through. The idea is to get an offer in ASAP if we like it to avoid having to compete again. We like the house and put in an offer. That was two days ago.

Hopefully we hear something back today. If my posts around here don't seem as thought out for the next few weeks, you know why. I don't have a moving box in the house. My Mother In Law asked me today if I've started packing. Ummm, no. 

I just learned we are moving next month not even 48 hours ago. Do I need to start packing yet? Now? Maybe? 

So in a matter of five days we put in an offer, put our house on the market, accepted an offer and then put in another offer. Busy is an understatement. Oh, and I've been trying to sort through closets and weed out clothes and such. Fun fun. Hopefully my next update will be good! Fingers crossed.



  1. That's super exciting AND scary. Good luck!!

  2. Good luck- sounds super stressful! It's great that you got an offer on your house within 4 days, though. We're still in our first home, and that the part that scares me the most- when we're ready to move, we won't be able to get the house sold quickly enough! -Dorrie @ Bear Den Plantation

  3. Exciting! That happened to us too - luckily we were able to put in a lease back option in our contract. Not sure if it's too late for that but you can maybe ask your realtor? We leased back for an additional 90 days (which we didn't need but wanted the cushion). The people we bought our house from requested an additional 2 weeks which was cool with us. Just a thought!

  4. I can't believe how fast your market is...here in NJ it takes almost a year for a house to sell but the upside is buyers have plenty to choose from.

    I would definitely start packing the items that you don't use every day or even every month. It's also a perfect time to trash or donate things you no longer need.

    Best of luck! I'm sure a perfect house is out there for your family. Don't forget to do a walk through post once you're settled so we can ooh and aah over it! :)

  5. we got the house, y'all! About to post an update now.


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