We Got The House!

Yesterday I posted about being under contract on our current house (in just four days!) and the adventures of us making offers. I'm happy to say that our second offer was accepted. We are under contract. We won't be homeless! 

I kind of feel like a weirdo posting a picture of a house that isn't really ours yet, but I'm pretty excited and can't resist. 

We have the inspection today. The buyers for our current home have their inspection here tomorrow morning. Things are moving so fast! Our tentative closing date for both houses is February 27th but it could be a little sooner if things continue to go smoothly. 

 When we built our house just five years ago it was perfect for us. Two kids later...we need more room, and our desired school district. This house has a gameroom that will make a great playroom and pretty much everything else we want. We do plan on painting the kids rooms and restroom right away to make them their own. With that said, I have lots to do and plan over the next few weeks. Pinterest, here I come. More house updates coming soon..



  1. Congrats on the new house and selling yours! It's pretty awesome how quickly everything happened for you. We're actually hoping to sell our house and move into a bigger one later this year, so you've definitely given me hope that we can move this quickly as well. Good luck packing and getting everything ready to move!


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