Things I Suck At

You always hear complaints about people sugarcoating their internet presence, especially in the blogging community. It's the norm for posts to showcase shopping hauls, fancy vacations, kids dressed like little models, planners filled out and followed meticulously. Here's the thing...no one likes a negative Nancy and airing your dirty laundry online isn't cool. 

 I share a lot of good here. I'm sure it looks like I have my shit together. In lots of aspects I do. I'll admit it. I'm really organized. I'm a list monster. I like everything a certain way. With that said, there are other things I suck at that I'm sure other Mom's are amazing at. On with it. 

- I raise my voice. I'm not proud of it, but I do. My Grandfather is a loud Italian. My Mom is outspoken. I don't know quiet. Finley is becoming a yeller and I blame myself. 

 - Ironing. I tried. I really did. Since the early days Joe's jobs have all had laundry services where they pressed his chef jackets. The new restaurant does not. The first time he took his shirts to the cleaners to be pressed I felt guilty. I'm a stay at home mom! I can't fail at that, but I do. After that one time of him going to the cleaners, I started ironing them myself. My ironing sucks. The shirts still have wrinkles. Today I caved and handed him a wad of shirts to drop off at the cleaners. Whatever. 

 - Admitting when I'm wrong. Ask my husband. 

- My language filter. I was never going to curse around my kids. That was before I had kids. Again, I blame my parents for this one. I try, y'all. I do. I guess I just feel like in the grand scheme of things, it's really not that bad to occasionally slip. As a kid I knew what words were bad and not to say them. 

- My memory. Hence the lists. I forget everything. My mind is going a mile a minute and without my lists I'd be in trouble. I've even forgotten to bring my lists before (to the grocery store)! I can be going in the kitchen to get something and Joe will ask me for some water as I'm headed there. I get side tracked and forget more often than not. 

- Going with the flow. I can't. I dislike this flaw the most. I'm a planner. I like things perfect. Spontaneity really stresses me out. When something doesn't go as planned, I get all flustered. I wish I could just calm down and enjoy things more. I envy Mom's who can go with the flow. One's who don't worry about every little thing. 


 Now, I challenge you. Comment here or write your own blog post with some things you suck at. Everyone is a whole lot of awesome, but no one is perfect, myself included. 


  1. Hey at least you tried! That's what matters!

  2. This is a great post! I'm for sure going to do one of my own in the near future! I was dying at the ironing one. Ironing is soo hard!! I totally feel for ya!

  3. Love this list! I am a non-ironer too. I'm terrible & gave up on it like 5 years ago. My kids went to a friend's house and she had her iron out and they asked what it was. They literally have never seen one.

    Let's see, I suck at these things: 1) Following a budget - I spontaneously shop and I wish I could be more disciplined. 2) I'm an over-analyzer. About everything. It's exhausting. 3) I'm not good at playing with my kids. I love to take them places, read with them, cook with them, etc but when it comes down to sitting on the floor playing legos, it's just not my thing. 4) I'm too hard on my husband many days 5) I'm always 5-10 minutes late. I have no idea why - I blame the kids a lot of the time but really I just poorly manage my time. Ok, do you feel better now? ;) I suck more than you do, ha!

  4. What a fun post! I could write a weekly series about things I suck at ;) I never ever iron anything. I know we have an ironing board...somewhere. I just throw clothes in the dryer with a semi-wet wash cloth for a few minutes. Thankfully nobody in the house has to look super put together. I never brush my son's hair. It's wild and curly, and there's no point trying to tame it. I wear gym clothes 80% of the time.... The list could go on and on! Maybe I will just write a whole post.

  5. I have to worst memory. I write everything down, then forget where I left the paper. My husband will ask me to do something, by the time I get to the room I've gotten distracted doing something else. It's awful!

  6. I absolutely love this! It's really easy to stay behind a perfect persona and ignore the sucky stuff sometimes.. I was really inspired by this though, we are all human.

  7. Honesty is the best policy! :) Thanks for sharing that you are human like the rest of us!

  8. haha, we've all got those flaws! Loud, yes. I tend to yell, and I always hate it right after. I think I'm getting better...maybe. And, the cursing. Again, I try! I called the dog an ahole because he kept trying to knock me over with his cone of shame...next thing I know Aria is repeating it. Oops. sigh.

  9. My language filter is TERRIBLE around the kids. I really try but then I hear Sophia telling Jack to stop his "fucking crying". Yay for using it in context?

    I'm definitely doing a post like this next week.

  10. I think having a bad memory just comes from being a mom. Mommy brain and pregnancy brain are very real!

  11. I have a horrible memory! It got way worse with pregnancy & motherhood! I have a potty mouth as well. But hey we are still awesome mamas so who cares! :P


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