Moving & Packing Tips You Don't Think About

We're scheduled to move in four weeks. I've been told several times already that I need to start packing. I don't know where to start considering we use this stuff. So I asked for some input on Facebook. I had lots of great tips on were to start. I also got a private message from a friend with a very detailed list of some things I would have never considered. Things that will surely make the process easier. Before posting Beth's list, I asked for her permission. She was happy to share.

These are definitely tips to keep in mind for your next move.

Side note: Beth is the friend who's art I posted about last month. Check it out.

  • Don't waste money on wardrobe boxes, just get larger boxes and pack clothing right on the hangers. Just fold it over. 

  • Don't waste money on packing material for delicate items. Use towels, sheets, blankets, curtains, etc instead. 

  • Don't use newspaper for packing things like dishware, glassware, etc. It can leave marks on the items that are near impossible to get off.

  • Most moving companies will tell you that they won't move combustibles (most cleaning agents) but what they don't know won't hurt them. 

  • A few days before you know you will be in your new home, order groceries online (if available in your area) from either Safeway or Amazon fresh. It makes the process of moving in so much easier if you don't have to go to the store for the basics.

  • If you have little ones, they may want to "help" while you're packing. Only pack stuff that isn't breakable when he/she is around.

  • Mark where things go on the sides of boxes (or both top and side), not just the tops. Movers can't see where things go if boxes are stacked. 

  • Use a color coding system so that when they unload, they can unload boxes with blue dots, red dots, etc. and get them to the appropriate areas. Be sure to indicate contents as well though and try to pack like items with other like items.

  • Only buy sets of boxes at a time so that you don't end up with too many and having to return them.

  • Make sure to leave yourself a pair or two of scissors or a knife so that you actually have something to open boxes with when you start unpacking.

  • Have a box or two specifically designated for your "in use" linens. Just toss the stuff from your beds and bathrooms in at the last minute and seal up. 

  • Have a box or two designated for your fresh linens so that you can get the beds and bath towels set up right away. Label it clearly as fresh linens so that you don't have to search through box after box trying to find stuff to make the beds at 10PM.

  • Pack your photos front to front or back to back, not front to back or back to front. Doing it that way can damage the frames but lining them up properly with matching sides keeps them looking nice.

  • Interview and get quotes from at least two different moving services. Make sure the quotes are in writing and that they specify what the movers will or won't do - such as taking TVs off walls, putting them back up, etc. 

  • If you have things that come apart, such as bed frames, desks, etc., supervise how that's done or discuss it with the moving foreman before they get started. You don't want them "hiding" the parts in boxes (especially unlabeled boxes) because in a state to state move, the packers are typically not the same people as the un-packers. If you don't know where the parts are, they won't either, and they won't be able to put that stuff back together for you. 

  • If at all possible, on moving day, have someone watch young kids. Movers can get in and out much more quickly when they're not tripping over bodies. If you're moving yourself, things will be less stressful if you can actually focus on the moving part. 

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  1. These are wonderful tips! I've moved a few times but I learned some new stuff reading through this. I never would've realized the thing about newspaper and dishes until it happened and it's better to avoid that.

  2. Another tip from a fellow June 11 mom (and Aug 13 mom!), keep all of your packing tape, scissors, Sharpies, and color-coding tape/stickers together in a basket or bin that you can carry around with you. This saved us from asking "where's the...." 1 billion times! Also, if you disassemble shelves or furniture yourself, store the hardware in a labeled ziplock. And finally, if you possibly can, arrange to have someone babysit your kids for the day so you can get some serious packing done. It's really hard when they're underfoot! We moved TWICE last summer, we are pros now :) Good luck!! I am loving following your blog!

  3. One last tip! I have a six pack of beer for the movers. I swear it makes them be nicer to my things!

  4. Moving can really be stressful at times. But if you know the right things to prioritize and get people to help, everything will go along smoothly. And your tips are very helpful. Everything seems to be in order, from packing to moving services. And just to add, looking for a cleaner will be helpful too to ensure that your new house are spotless and ready to move in. Cheers!

    Bob Wolfe @ The Maids of the Triad

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    Some companies may only offer packing services and others may offer only moving services.
    Thanks for sharing...

  6. Fantastic tips! Bookmarked for later revisiting, because we'll be moving soon. Greetings, Man With Van Kentish Town Ltd.

  7. Those are really helpful tips. Using boxes is really efficient to make packing and moving easier. Sometimes, it’s hard to decide what to pack and what to leave behind, especially if you have many things inside your house. To decide and think how to pack things is harder than to carry and transfer them. Hahaha! Anyway, thanks for sharing that, April! All the best to you!

    Cathy Schwartz @ Best Rate Removals

  8. Packing can be an insurmountable task when viewed from the perspective of the entire house. Packing one room at a time has the effect of dividing the daunting overall move into smaller, more manageable tasks. This approach also allows you to set realistic goals; living room today, kitchen tomorrow.


  9. Moving can be a big challenge. It requires tremendous making decisions, planning, packaging, unpacking and countless other details.. According to my opinion hiring home moving services based on your area is the perfect solution for your moving problems. Because they will take more care on your staff and important things.


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