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I've shared with y'all how I do my nails. Today's post is just to show my most recent look because I'm pretty fond of it. I call it an April original. Mainly because I just winged the color pattern without any Pinterest inspiration.

This was my first time to use this nail plate pattern. I'm kind of over all the ones I have and recently ordered a new set. I was excited to discover this design that I'd somehow overlooked before.

Also, this picture was just taken. These are third day nails.

How do I have the time you ask? Bedtime. Here's my Saturday night. I pretty much love it.

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  1. This is a great tutorial!! I love doing my nails!! Have you tried the jamberry nails yet? I am loving those right now!!


    1. I haven't but I'm a tad intrigued. They're not super cheap though so I'm trying not to since I have my trusty kit. I won't lie that they seem pretty cool though.

  2. Sunday night is my nail-doing time! It prepares me for the week. I'd still want a friend to do gel nails for me though,

  3. Doing my nails is my stress reliever and a great creative outlet. Do you find gel dries your nails? I like to change my polish colors almost daily. I'm such an addict. #ShareBlogLove #TheBlogLoveProject

    Polish &Plates - Polish Addict, Beauty Junkie, Foodie.

    1. Not at all. The only time my nails look a little damaged for a day or so is when I get impatient and instead of soaking them off, I peel them off. Not a good idea. Lol

  4. First I love the layout of your blog! It's so cute! And I love the tips on finger nail polish

  5. Thanks for sharing your nail tutorial. I feel like I never have time to do my nails and when I do do them, they chip right off. So frustrating!

    A Blissful Haven

  6. Those are super cute! Great pattern/design!

  7. I do not love to do my nails... It chips & I hate to see it. I'm a bit ocd, but I do love my toes done every once in a while! Thanks for the info!!


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