House Updates

 Inspection on the new house went great. The inspector said he wished all houses were like the one we are purchasing. We submitted two minor (but important) fixes and the current owners approved the requests.

Our tentative closing date is Febuary 27th, but could be pushed up a few days sooner. 

 Anyone have a favorite grey paint? We're hiring painters to do the bedrooms, kids bathroom and two walls in the game room. Our bedroom right now is a darker medium grey (Behr Creek Bend) but I want something a little lighter at the new house. I'm leaning towards Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray. We'll likely do Carson's room and the kids restroom grey as well. Not sure yet about Finley's.

Today was the inspection at our current house. We should hear back from that hopefully by Monday.

I promise I'm not only going to share random house stuff from now on. That's just what life has revolved around lately. Documents, e-mails back and forth, inspections, insurance shopping, weeding through clutter...Trying to do all that while the kids are napping or asleep. Moving is intense and we haven't even started packing yet.


As for now, It's Friday night and I still haven't watched the Bachelor. That's proof of how things are around here. It' long overdue. The kids are asleep and I have a date with some bubbly and my trash TV.

Happy weekend!


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  1. One of the DIY/decorating blogs I read just painted their walls in Mindful Grey and it looks amazing from their pictures. It's decorandthedog.net. They also have a cute dog. Anyway, there's pictures of their house a couple months back with the walls :) It's a very pretty, light gray. -Dorrie @ Bear Den Plantation


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