Friday Favorites

Holiday mode, done. Check. I'm so ready to jump back into normally scheduled life. What better way to do so than some recent favs.


The derma roller. I got this baby for Christmas. I got one for my mom too. These things are legit. They are backed by science and from everything I've read, they work. I've used it twice and am already seeing some results. Thirty is creeping up, y'all. I'll be doing a whole post on this after a while of use. 


Roku and Chromecast. We cut the cable about 4-5 months ago. It's been great. We use antennas for basic stations and were up until last month using the Xbox One and BluRay player app to stream Netflix and Hulu. We scored some deals on the Chromecast and Roku on Black Friday. We use them in seperate rooms. The Chromecast stays in our room and is perfect for streaming stuff from the web. Hulu doesn't have every show. Some of our shows have to be watched on the network websites and Chromecast makes it possible for us to stream those shows from our ipads or smart phones. It's also really easy. 

The Roku is great for Finley. We've missed Disney Jr. Roku has the option to watch live or even pick certain shows specifically. It also allows her to stream YouTube videos from her ipad to the TV. 

Side Note: If you have a toddler and haven't discovered the Disney Collector videos, do it. Toddler crack. I was so confused (and amused) by them at first.


Bed Head Superstar Queen for a Day Thickening Spray. This came in a two pack with my dry shampoo and I thought "why not?". I have fine, limp hair and I tease a bit for volume. So glad I gave this a try because I'm hooked. It gives my limp hair some texture and really sets in my tease. With my fine hair, it's actually hard for my tease to even hold. If I just want a little volume, I don't even need to tease with this. 


Ninja Professional Pro Blender. My Mom got this for us for Christmas. It has replaced our other blender on the counter top. Best part....no dirty dishes other than the one you drink out of. The disadvantage of smoothies for me is having that huge blender glass to clean. No more. You just drink these from the same glass they're blended in with the nifty tops that come included. 


No explanation needed. All of these newish Chobani yogurts with chocolate are really, really good. I'm obsessed.


I've linked up again this week for Five on Friday and Oh Hey Friday. Join in!

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  1. Okay, 30 is approaching over here as well, so I really need to know how this derma roller works out for you! -Dorrie @ Bear Den Plantation

    1. Give me a month. I want to have plenty to tell. If you can't wait you can just try it with me ;) The Amazon reviews are really promising.


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