Carson is 18 Months Old

How can this little baby be a year and a half old? The second time flies by even faster than the first. He still a baby, right? I feel like at 18 months old Finley looked so much older. Maybe it was the long hair? Nevermind that he's been walking for nearly a year. Or that he stands on the dining room table. Or pulls chairs to try and open the pantry. This toddler business needs to leave my baby alone. He's our last. My sweet, sweet boy. 

He recites animal sounds from books, plays peek-a-boo and gives hi-fives like a champ. When I ask for kisses over and over and over, he gives them. He listens (when he wants). The other day I asked for a blanket and he brought me his sleep sack from his room. When we read books, if I ask him where a certain picture is on the page, he points to it. He loves feeding sisters baby dolls and playing with phones, "hello?" "Byeeee". His favorite song is Twinkle Twinkle; he tries to sing it. He also repeats a few of the ABC letters when I start saying them. Mainly just "B"...that's his current favorite. I've lost count of the number of words he says at this point. My favorite is when he says "sis-er" (sister).

You know what's also pretty crazy? We got pregnant with Carson when Finley turned 18 months old, to the day. I don't remember thinking of her as this little. Now I see that she really was. I'm so lucky she was so chill at his age. Those first few months of pregnancy and being sick could have been much worse than they already were. This boy is wild. They are like night and day. I could not imagine getting pregnant at this point again. I guess I was just jaded by our desire to have kids close in age. I sure am glad they came in the order they did! Having the calm, cautious one first made life easier than it could have been. Their age gap (2 years and 2 Months) really is pretty great, in my opinion. They like most of the same toys and play together, when they're not fighting over said toys!

This boy is giving us a run for our money. I kind of love it, the same way I love my little personality twin girl. Her, I worried about more. She was cautious but with reason. Shes a klutz, like me. He has no boundaries but he's pretty good at his stunts. If I saw her standing on a chair, which she would never have done, I would have run over to get her off in fear that she'd fall. Carson, nah. I just tell him to get down.

One thing's for sure, I'm holding on to these days now more than ever,  I love the baby stage. I'm excited for the stages to come but seeing this one slip away is tough. We treasured Finley's baby days because she was our first. Everything amazed us. We rushed to the next milestone because it was all so exciting. This time, while I am happy our little man is learning and growing, I don't rush anything. I know now how fast it all flies by. 

Happy 18 months, little man.

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