Babywearing and the Tula

Our relationship with babywearing has been a long one and we've pretty much tried all the different types of carriers out there - ring sling, pouch style, wraps, soft structured (buckle) carriers, mei tai. 

Tula carriers aren't cheap. The canvas ones start at $149. I sold my beloved Beco Gemini to help fund my first Tula along with my maya wrap ring sling (I'm really not a ring sling fan). Once the Tula arrived and got some use, there was no going back. I wanted another. I sold the Babyhawk Mei Tai, which I loved, because it just wasn't getting any use since the Tula's arrival. Then I bought my second Tula. The prints y'all. The prints. I'm so glad I don't wear a girl currently because some of the girly prints out right now are just...amazing. 

Carson is getting bigger and I'm debating now if we'll venture into the toddler size. Tulas come in standard and toddler sizes. We still use the carrier at least weekly even at 17 months old but not nearly as much as we did when he was smaller. It was a lifesaver many of times. Little man helped Momma clean the house, make dinner and vacuum on the regular back then, most of the time fast asleep. 

If you babywear and haven't tried a Tula - do it. If you don't babywear but want to start - Tula. Seriously. Something to note is that the resale market for Tula's is amazing. You really won't lose much money (if any) when you're ready to sell. Sometimes you can even sell for more (if you want to) in the case that your Tula is a highly sought after or discontinued print.

Now to reminisce on babywearing pasts. They were so little. *Sigh* 

If you want to jump into the rabbit hole, join the Facebook group "Tula Love". It's a super active forum with a wealth of Tula info.

Do you babywear? If so, have you tried the Tula or do you have another favorite carrier? If not, you really should give it a go ;)

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