Are You a No Reply Blogger? | A Blog Commenting Mistake

I was once a No Reply Blogger.

If you know what a "No Reply Blogger" is, disregard this post. There are tons of these posts out there but maybe not enough since I can't reply to so many of you. So, now it's my turn. 

What is a no reply blogger? When you comment on a blog post there is no way for you to be notified when the blog owner (or someone else) responds to your comment if you are a "no reply blogger". They could respond in the comment section under your comment but unless you were to go back and check, you'd have no idea they responded to you.

I've clicked "reply" to see the dreaded "no reply blogger" come up in the address bar time after time. You aren't just being ignored. 

Want to be sure you're getting comment responses sent to you e-mail? 

From what I've read, even if you did have your email linked to comments at one time, it could have been un-linked if you have your blogger and Google+ accounts linked. To check this and fix the problem, revert to the blogger login only (un-link Google+ for now). You can re-link after you're done. If you don't use Google+, disregard this paragraph. I do not.

How to check. You need to be logged in through blogger. Do a test comment on one of your own blog posts. Next, open the comment alert in your own email. Click the toggle down arrow to expand the address info. Does it show your email address (it should) or does it say "noreply-comment@blogger.com"?

I've determined that I am a no reply blogger. Now what? I'm going to make this easy. Click here. Now, check the box highlighted below and save!

Also, if you still aren't sure, you can click the above link to verify that the box is, in fact, checked.

If you don't have a blog. Same thing. Click here to go to your profile and make sure the above box is checked. 

:Note: Verify that you have the right email address listed on your account to be sure you'll get your notifications. 

Now, enjoy knowing that you aren't being ignored :) 


  1. Interesting! I use wordpress, so I never really stopped to read about no reply bloggers, since I thought it was only an issue for Blogger users. I just looked at my gmail and the show email box was no checked. I've probably been missing comments for I don't know how long. Hopefully I won't now.

  2. Huh!!! I had no idea! I also use wordpress. Interesting post. Thanks!

  3. I've been working so hard to reply to comments on my blog lately! I do get notifications which makes it easier.


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