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Must use skin care product

When recommending products to clients I always boast about hyalouronic acid. Don't let the word "acid" confuse you. It's not going to burn or exfoliate your skin. Everyone can benefit from hyaluronic acid. When you see skincare experts on TV and talkshows recommending products, this is usually at the top of their list, next to sunscreen. Use your sunscreen. Yes, you do go outside. You ride in the car and walk to and from it. Use it. Seriously.

What is hylauronic acid and what does it do? 

Short description - you body already contains it. It lubricates your connective tissues, skin cells, hair, eyeballs, pretty much everything. It draws in water. The body makes less and less as it ages.

Hyaluronic acid is all the rage right now but it's been widely used in our industry for quite some time, and with good reason. It's actually become an injection but the results are temporary, about a year. Some people even take it internally for other health benefits. When applied topically, it draws moisture to the skin. Not oil moisture. Water moisture. Your skin in the last organ (Yes. It's an organ. The largest one!) to get anything your body makes or takes in, including water, which most us already don't get enough of. Our poor skin gets what's left and it's usually not much. Enter hyaluronic acid with it's big water holding properties (1,000 times the weight of it's own cell). Pretty awesome, right? 

 So, what's the big deal about drawing some water to my skin? For one, it's going to plump it up. Think minimizing fine lines. Hydrated skin just looks healthier overall. It is healthier. It's also going to improve elasticity. That's long term stuff. Think of elasticity like a rubber band. You want it pliable. If the rubber band dries out and you stretch it, it breaks. Same with the skin. Broken elasticity = wrinkles. They can't be unbroken. Fine lines can be plumped but deep wrinkles cannot be mended without plastic surgery. See how important moisture is? This is also why we recommend everyone use some sort of moisturizer, even oily skin types. That's a whole different post though. 

I'm not going to recommend any one brand of hyaluronic acid here. At work we use Glo Therapeutics professional products and they're great. I've used others as well. There's a large variety of hyaluronic serums on Amazon with great reviews that are priced very reasonably so I'll leave the shopping to you. Just be sure that it doesn't contain alcohol or parabens. 

Have you heard of or used hylauronic acid on your own skin?


  1. Oh awesome! my skin could use some work and I've never heard of this before!

  2. I've heard of hylauronic acid but never tried it. I always though it was a chemical peel like ingredient! Now I think ill try it:)

  3. I have been using Indeed Labs serum Hydraluron for some time now and I can not say enough good things about it! It contains a pure form of hyaluronic acid and some red marine algae that also keeps your skin supple. You won't feel a huge difference after the first application, unlike with for instance a face oil, but after about a week I noticed my skin doesn't get dry during the day and when I wake up in the morning it still feels like I just applied moisturizer! And I love the idea of not adding moisture but actually helping the skin preserve moisture itself.


    Maria Mui // Beauty Blog

  4. I've been using an amazon one for about a year. Do you apply it before or after moisturizer?


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