Stop the Christmas Shaming

Maybe it's the day and age. Maybe it's being a parent now. I don't ever remember this being a thing. Just throwing this out there...


There is nothing wrong with "lying" to your kids about Santa. Since when did this become such a controversy? I tell my kids that Santa exists, I give them that same magic I had growing up and I'm a horrible "liar" who is just setting them up for disappointment and heartbreak? No. I appreciate that magic my parents gave me. My Dad commenting that he heard reindeer and bells on the roof. My Grandpa calling pretending to be Santa and me being so excited. Even now, finally realizing the caffeine fueled hours my parents spent up on Christmas eve assembling gifts for me. I don't ever remember experiencing heartbreak. It was a long process accepting that he wasn't real and even when I approached my Mom, she said "he still is if you believe in your heart". She'll say the same thing today. They made it magical, and special and I sure as heck want that for my kids. Don't villainize those of us who do. I won't judge you for "depriving" your kids of Santa. I really don't care (or even think that). Deal? 

That leads me to the gifting part. Why the heck does it suddenly matter what other people buy for their kids? How does their Christmas gift giving define them as a parent, as a person? I'm a sucker for shopping. Christmas gives me an excuse to do it. You know what that means? Exactly that - I like to shop. However, It doesn't mean that I'm materialistic or that I don't celebrate the real meaning for the season. A backhanded comment I really dislike -"We only give our kids such and such number of gifts. We want them to know the real reason for the season". I guess I don't? I guess since we give more than whatever number of gifts you deem "acceptable and modest", that negates all the good we teach our kids. Why all the thought about what others are giving their kids, coming from those who supposedly don't care about gifting? I very rarely toy shop. I save those for Christmas and birthdays. The bulk of the kids winter clothes are given for Christmas. I save things I would have bought anyway and give them as gifts. 

How about this...Lets not make something out of nothing. Lets not worry about what the other is buying or how they celebrate. Enjoy your holidays with your family. Be kind. 

 Merry Christmas!

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  1. Agreed! I don't have kids, but I guarantee that when I do they'll feel that same magic on Christmas morning. And I get a lot of side eyes because I'm really young but I like to be generous with my family, my fiance, and his family. It's not really anybody's business. And I agree that just because we like to give doesn't mean that we aren't aware of the real reason for the season. People are so nosy!

    1. exactly! Being generous means just that, nothing else.

  2. My cousin just had a baby and is already tearing down people who "lie" to their kids about Santa. I think it's sad and she's depriving her child of a fun experience we all remember fondly, but just like the number of gifts anyone gets, it's none of my business. I don't understand how people can be so interested in others affairs.

  3. This is a pretty great perspective :) I know I have written posts about the (lack of) gifts we give Scarlett when she was younger but I definitely don't think it hurts to spoil your little ones at christmas. We actually gave Scarlett quite a bit this year and I don't think it should matter to anyone as long as we are happy with what we gave :)

    As for the Santa thing... I kind of feel sad for kids who aren't lied to... I mean it's such a magical part of Christmas... and you're so right, I don't ever feel like my parents lied to me (not in a bad sense anyway). To each their own I guess...

    Hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas! xo


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