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This first picture should be all of us in bed with me half asleep and Joe fully knocked out while Finley plays on her ipad and Carson climbs on our heads. That's how our mornings really start out.

Breakfast will have to do.

Can you spot the feet? Play time while Mommy gets ready.

Sat down to update the kids Christmas wish lists before leaving.  Carson climbed on my lap and passed out. The plan was for him to catnap in the car. He decided otherwise.

I've given up on shoes in the car.

Lunch on the go. After our late start, I really didn't feel like dealing with a counter service place. I wanted us to be served without me getting up for everything. Mexican it was.

Then we checked a few gifts off the list.

Laundry folding and chores while the kids took a (short) late nap.

Online banking, mail and bills while the kids finished napping.

Dinner. Tilapia. rice and broccoli. We ate kind of late due to the day being thrown off.

{I missed a picture here. My phone was in our room on the charger and we were playing, reading and getting ready for bed. Oops!}

Mommy time.

What I learned from this picture every hour thing - It's kind of misleading. It makes this job look easy. It isn't. I'd need many many more pictures to really showcase our day. This doesn't show me referee'ing the fights, cleaning the messes, the whining, the hugs, the laughs...I could go on and on. The plan was for Carson to get a haircut today We ran out of time. I'll take him tomorrow instead. Our days are never really the same. Some, we go-go-go. Some, we never get out of our pajamas.

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