Our Christmas 2014

Heyyy! Our house is just now getting out of holiday mode. Yesterday was the first semi normal day for us and I had to do some major grocery shopping. I didn't take nearly as many pictures as I would have liked on Christmas but we were busy having fun. 

I started this post the night before last after the kids went to bed but suddenly felt exhausted and then Joe got home and that was that. Then there's the Trivia Crack app. If you haven't played, avoid it at all costs...or maybe not? Like I have the time for that... Also, my lovely realtor (and friend) is really working at selling our house. Did I mention it isn't on the market!? We're casually looking but I have sellers anxiety because houses here are selling like crazy right now. I have this (very rational) fear of being homeless. So the realtor friend told me yesterday that she has someone sort of interested in our house, maybe. She also has some other friends who are casually looking and thinks their house would be perfect for us. So, we'll see. I'm just going at this with a "meant to be" approach. We've found quite a few houses that we've loved, to have them gone the same day they go up on the market. No getting attached for me. What's meant to be will be. 

Back to Christmas. Check out that smile on my boy. He loves his mini four wheeler. Our girl really really dug Christmas this year. After opening several gifts she yelled out "this is the best Christmas ever!". She's three. It was great. 

I don't want to go all gift post here but I have to share one of my favorites because I've mentioned wanting them here several times. Finally, my Tory Burch Reva flats! I was completely surprised. 
Note: these run really big. I'm currently waiting on a whole size smaller to arrive. 


The restaurant was open on Christmas Eve so we made reservations to eat with my mom. The kids loved seeing daddy at work. It was a change for us since our tradition has always been to go see lights with both my parents and then grab a casual dinner. Next year I want to start some new traditions since the kids are still young. 


I hope everyone else had a great Christmas and stays safe tonight for NYE. Joe will be working late. I'm going to be home with my bubbly and will go kiss our sleeping babies when the ball drops :)

Edit: Scratch that. I just got a call from my Mother In Law. Apparently Joe made plans for me to go to the restaurant with the other wives and she's coming over to hang out after I put the kids down. Surprise surprise! The babies will have to get their kisses after we get home! Now...what to wear!?


  1. Those Tory Burch flats are fantastic! I'm jealous!

    1. they are a long time coming. Seriously. I've wanted them for so long!


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