Finley is Three and a Half! | A Questionnaire

Last week our little baby turned three and a half.
She is 36.75 inches tall and 29.5 pounds. 


She amazes us more and more every day. She talks like such a big girl. She says words I had no idea she even knew. The other night she told Joe "Daddy, Mommy's trying to put me to bed", like Mommy was going to be unsuccessful at the attempt. This kid. 

She's obsessed with picnics. Sometimes when we're out shopping and grab Taco Cabana on the run, I'll go in the back seat to eat with her and brother in between stops. She calls it a picnic. Also, when I give her and Carson snacks and she brings them over to sit on their little trampoline for them to munch, that's a picnic too. 

A couple of weeks ago I was gazing at her at the dinner table and said "Baby, you're so pretty". She replied back "You're so pretty, Mommy". 

The other day she was watching Bubble Guppies on the iPad. She points to Molly (the pink haired one), "that's me". Then she points to the witch, "that's Mommy". Seriously?!


I just want to hold on to all these things and remember them forever. I tell myself almost daily- "Write that down. Text it to Joe so you don't forget. Put a note in your phone". 

Instead of writing about her favorites and what not, I'll leave those questions to her. 


What is your favorite color? "Pink"

What is your favorite animal? "I don't know, Momma...Giraffe. Piggy" 

Where is your favorite place to go? "Grandma's House. We got to go to Grandma's tomorrow."

What is your favorite toy? "I don't know, Momma....my ducky". (I have no idea what ducky she's talking about.)

What do you want Santa to bring you this year? "My baby doll and Elmo...and Cookie Monster"

Who is your best friend? "Grandma. Grandma is my best friend. Mommy. Mommy is my best friend." 

What is your favorite song? "Roooooow Row Ya' Boat"

What is your favorite food to eat? "Rice & Beans" (It's really veggie sloppy joes)

What is your favorite TV show? "Mickey Mouse"

What is your favorite book? "Moo Moo Cow" 

What does Daddy do? "He's a Chef!"

What does Mommy do? "I don't know, Momma, I'm coloring. I want to color a little bit" 


Ok then!

There you have it. Real facts from the mouth of my big girl, three and a half year old. We love her so so much.


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