I saw this neat post idea over at September Farm and decided do one of my own. 

Starting the day.

Nothing. Our living room TV is currently broken. Thanks Samsung for the great product!

Having the Christmas decor out.

A house that we love to stay on the market for longer than .232 seconds. We were so close to wanting to put in an offer yesterday and it got snatched up! They all do.

To wrap gifts. Still haven't gotten to that big pile in the garage. Soon...

That my camera lens would show up. Longest shipping ever. I've never been more disappointed to see makeup on the door step.

Right. It's been a while. I need to read the manual on my new camera. Does that count? How about The Little Engine That Could? That definitely counts.

Breakfast with Santa on Saturday! The kids are going to love it. We went last year. So much fun.

Not currently, but I'd love to learn more about bee keeping. I know it's expensive (as in, you need a bee suit, lol) but it's pretty darn interesting. Joe's new job has bees. That's where this idea stems from.

Share what's going on with you currently!

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  1. aww breakfast with santa!! that sounds like the best thing ever!!


    1. It really is so awesome. Unfortunately Carson gave Finley the tummy bug. It was bad. I'm so sad we weren't able to go this year :(


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