Why I'm Happy

I've teamed up for five on Friday again this week. 

::ONE:: This amazing, cheap bubbly. I sampled it on Saturday and bought my first bottle. We finished off our second bottle last night. It's really great.


::TWO:: This weekend. We're going out of town (just for one night). Kidless. Besides being in the hospital to have Carson, I've never had a night away from the kids. It's for Joe's work and I'm going along, to Austin. It's going to be fun. For those of y'all who don't know, he's a chef. It's for a food event thing, which I always enjoy. Plus, we'll get to go out at night and I plan to sleep in. Joe's Mom is staying over with Finley and Carson so of course they'll love that. 

::THREE:: I cleaned our bathrooms hardcore yesterday. I'm super happy that's over with. Seriously. Cleaning the shower is my least favorite thing ever. 

::FOUR:: Getting my DSLR and learning how to use it. I'm seriously on the hunt now but I'm trying to wait for Black Friday to hopefully score a deal. 

::FIVE:: Country music. I grew up on country. It makes my heart smile that Finley asks for it in the car. "Put country!"... "Turn it up!". The kids and I totally had a living room dance party last week during the first three songs of the Country Music Awards. We also jam during bath time. 


Now, let me share with y'all what's not making me happy. The freaking weather. We're in Houston. It was mid 30's last night. That's not supposed to happen in November. Normally I wouldn't mind, BUT my garden....my poor, poor garden :( 


Join in for Five on Friday!

with, Amy & Karli

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  1. I got my DSLR (a Nikon) on sale Black Friday a few years ago. I will say throughout the year though that Costco has amazing deals!

  2. Seriously crazy weather. I've lived here for 8 years and never remember it being this cold in November. Crazy. I need some serious lotion. Happy Friday! Enjoy your time away!


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