One of "Those" Days

You know those days when the stars all align and everything is perfect? You win at everything. Yeah. That wasn't today.

Last night I stayed up later than I should have and was pretty tired this morning. Joe did breakfast while I slept for an extra hour. A nice change and a good start to the day. 

Our morning was pretty normal. We have pictures tomorrow and despite my efforts to find boots for Finley at the mall yesterday, she was still (tan) bootless. I had to find those boots. 

I get Carson dressed and put him down for his nap. A tired baby is not a happy baby. Then I get Finley and I ready and we have a late lunch. Carson wakes up. He eats and we leave. After visiting four stores, we are still bootless. How hard is it to find tan toddler boots? Apparently when you're looking for them, very. 

It was time for dance class. I'd been stressed while shopping because I knew we needed to find these boots and that we were probably going to be late for dance. I run home, get Finley changed and head to dance. We pick up coffee and snacks on the way. Dance starts at 5:15. 

Finley decided to pick her nose on and off during dance class and despite my normal "be good and listen to your teachers" pep talk, she snapped at the assistant instructor for trying to help her snap her tap shoes because "she can do it!". So embarrassing. I wanted to step in but parents aren't supposed to interrupt class. We watch through a small window. I had a nice little talk with her after class about not giving her teachers attitude and telling her that picking your nose is gross and that we don't do that. 

By this time it's dark out but we still need boots. I'm over it. We head to Target. First, we go get Finley an icee because yes, I bribe my kid to behave like that. A fine moment for me considering how dance class went. I'm desperate. She really wanted an icee. I really wanted to shop without her asking for said icee over and over. 

We get to the shoe section. Finley drops the icee. Everywhere. She flips out. She sees that I'm not amused. You know that point? When it's obvious that you've had it? She keyed in. She went silent, for a while at least... 

I find boots! I also find hats. I decide Carson needs hats, three of them. Then I find gold flats for Finley. Maybe we don't need boots afterall? Maybe the gold flats will look better with her picture outfit. I decide to search for an outfit similar to her picture one, belt and all. We need to try it on with both the flats and the boots to decide. 

By this time the kids aren't having it. Carson is freaking out on and off. He's ready to go. I'm that crazy mom at Target. I'm avoiding other people at all costs. Finley is asking every question she can come up with. We swiftly head to the fitting room. She does this thing when we try on clothes where she can't. stand. still. Super fun. I just needed to hurry. I decide to go with the boots after all. The flats are so cute, I decide to get those too...and bows, we need bows.
Can you blame me?
We stop for Schlotzkys drive through on the way home. Winning. It's 7:30 by now. No way I'm cooking. I'm sitting there waiting for the food. The girl comes to ask me if I need anything else. Nope. She walks away. "Why is she staring at me? What's wrong with her?" I paid. I'm just waiting for my food. The food sitting in my passenger seat. 

The kids are asleep, The picture outfits are laid out. Joe showed up with some bubbly. I'm one glass in. Cheers!

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  1. Oh momma, what a day! That alone time at the end of the night when the kids were in bed never felt better, I'm sure!! xoxo

  2. That sounds stressful....but those gold flats are darling. I needed some gold flats last week but I didn't see those!

    1. Target is so spotty when it comes to kid shoes. I've found one shoe several times. Literally. No match in sight. They have so many online but in store you just never know. These fit true to size if you decide to order :)


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