I Don't Do...

I've seen these posts a few times and decided to join in a do one of my own.

I don't do...

Shipping costs. I find a place that ships for free, use a code or rack up the price to hit free shipping. Unless it's Zulily on a Friday; then I shop all weekend.

Sports on T.V. Ever. 

Red wine. My pick is always bubbly, then white, then mayyyybe a red....if I'm really desperate. Liars. I cannot stand someone who blatantly lies. I do think white lies and exaggeration are a little different. 

Grapefruit. Ew.

Rudeness to servers at restaurants, drive-thru's or store associates. I'm probably overly nice. Once upon a time I was a waitress. 

Door to door solicitors. I'm not as nice to them. Wake my kids and there's a problem. 

Paid phone or tablet apps. There's too many good free ones out there. I've made an exception a whole three times. 

Meme's. If stumble across one I like, sure, I'll post it. Searching for them? Aint' nobody got time for that. 

White after labor day.

 Blue decor in my house. No where. None. My Mom was a blue decor hater my whole life. It rubbed off on me. I don't think I even truly dislike it. It's just engraved in my brain. 

Energy drinks, and I miss them. A lot. I used to drink Red Bull daily. So good. So bad. 

Action movies. 

Lakes. I been in then before but prefer not to. This could be from growing up in Florida and the mentality that every body of water potentially has gators. Also, I have an irrational amoeba phobia. 

Tanning beds or intentional UV baking. Fake Bake all the way. I'm not trying to have wrinkly, leathery skin. 

Rides that drop straight down. I don't mind roller coasters and dips but not those ones that bring you straight up and then plummet right back down. No no no. 

Negativity. Don't get me wrong. I have my moments, like anyone else. I just can't stand constant negativity. We all have rough patches. That's not what I'm talking about here.



  1. Hello! Thank you for following my blog and I am now following you back. Btw, I love your blog and your kids are so cute. See you around. Have a nice day.

  2. i HATE paying for shipping! it's a NO in my book too

  3. i feel like everyone does white after labor day on purpose now! i still don't. white pants/shoes after labor day to me just look like you don't have a clue, haha! ;) and nooo sports on tv for me, either!! sorry, husband!


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