Halloween 2014

My little puppy and kitty. We had a great night with family. Finley really, really enjoyed trick or treating this year. Well, up until she ended it after a fake spider on someones porch jumped and spooked her. It was actually pretty good timing. Our little bossy pants was sure to request certain candies from people. This girl. 

She was also really excited that Mommy "made" her kitty costume (really just the tutu). Carson's puppy costume, I bought. I'm not that good. 

Also, I may or may not have gotten into the wagon with little man. 

I tried to get more pictures of the kids going up to and leaving houses but it was already dark so they turned out pretty bad. 

I hope everyone else had a great Halloween! What did your kiddos think about everything?


  1. Adorable costumes!!! Glad your kiddos got to have fun! We trick-or-treated in our house, haha :)

  2. thanks!

    That's so creative! I bet they loved it :)


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