Friday Randoms

::One:: I thought our house was on fire earlier. There was a stong burning smell. I was running around like a crazy person looking for smoke. I even woke Finley up from her nap while peeking in her room. Then I ran to the backyard to check if there was smoke coming from the roof. Nope. Turns out it was a wooden spoon touching the dishwasher coils. Crises averted.

::Two:: I work tomorrow. I only work two days a month. I'm looking forward to seeing my co-workers, eating in peace and some adult conversation. Plus I get to make myself look put together. That's always nice. 

::Three:: This pretty new thing. I'm not kidding about the recent Old Navy obsession. I ended up returning the black and white gingham shirt from this post. It was too wide and not long enough. While in store I picked this up to try on and loved the fit. I figure I can pair it with a cardigan, leggings and boots if needed. I haven't gotten a chance to wear it yet and put it on solely for y'all, hence the no makeup. Not sure why my knee looks funky here. Promise this isn't touched up, you know, with the awesome quality and all. 


::Four:: I want a snazzy camera. I want to be able to take my own (better quality) pictures of the kids. I've wanted one for a while but have always felt like I just don't have the time to learn it all. If I wait for that day, the kids will be grown. I'm trying to be reasonable here instead of going out and buying myself one right before Christmas so I've put the treadmill up for sale. It hasn't been used in months. Joe runs on pavement now and running really isn't my thing. Anyone in Houston in the market for a really nice, gently used treadmill? ;) Also, any camera suggestions? I *think* I want the NikonD5100 with a 35mm lens to start. I'm open to all the info and suggestions I can get. If you're into photography, what resources helped you most starting out? 

::Five:: I ordered a new carpet cleaner and am probably more excited about it than most normal people would be. I kind of have a thing for cleaning our carpets. We only have carpet in the bedrooms, plus the big living room area rug, but I still like to clean them every few months. In almost six years of marriage, this is my third carpet cleaner. I wear those things out. The last one broke months ago. I'd planned on waiting until Christmas but found a deal too good to pass up. Tracking said it would be here today so of course the carpets were at the top of my to-do list. Well, it arrived at six o'clock. Maybe after the kids go to bed...or maybe not... 


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  1. I've been lusting over a new fancy shmancy camera as well! I might be bad and snag one on black Friday..well see!

    1. That's my plan. I keep searching but none of the deals are listed yet!

  2. I have a canon rebel t3i that I absolutely love! My husband bought it for me a year or so ago after my old one from college died and I was freaking out. I think he really just bought it so I'd stop complaining, but still I love it! I'm no where near an expert on it, but I still really love the photos I take with it. Definitely feel that it's an expense worth making!

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  4. Looove that dress!! And while we are on the subject of burning smells, my hubby and i actually almost burnt down our apartment once. That's what you get when you drunk bake brownies at like 4am and fall asleep before the timer goes off. Oopsie! Good thing the dog woke us up.

  5. Love that dress!! If you get a DSLR my one suggestion is to learn it well and shoot in manual. I started off the a canon rebel xsi in 2009 and now have a canon 70D and love it.


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