Cloth Diapering | Three & a Half Years In

Before kids, I'd heard of cloth diapering a little. The idea seemed great and all but I knew Joe wouldn't share my excitement.

About half way through my first pregnancy I got real and admitted that I'd probably be doing most diaper changes anyway. Joe was sold right at the money saving part. Two kids and three and a half years later, I'm so glad we made the decision to cloth diaper. 

It's funny how things have changed since those early days. Back when I was building our first stash for Finley, I was all about the brands. Gotta have the good ones. Surely the cheapies couldn't work as well or looks as cute. I mean, I was saving money by cloth diapering anyways, right? Might as well get the "nicer" ones. Then we tried a cheaper brand, Alva. They worked just as well for us and even had cute prints, which is pretty much a requirement.

Finley's stash had some gender neural prints but the majority were girly, so I sold them off once she was potty trained. The second time around, Alva diapers make up 95% of our stash. We do have a few from a work-at-home mommy friend. Carson's diapers cost us less than half of what we paid for Finley's and we've been super happy with them. I sometimes check to see if they've come out with any cute new prints because at $6 a diaper, what's the harm?

Our currant stash, minus a few in the pail.

After trying all the different kinds, we quickly chose to use all pockets. With Finley, we used cloth exclusively, even at night. Now, I will put a disposable on Carson if we're going to be out for a while and at night. With cloth you have to be really vigilant about changing right away to avoid leaks. With me being outnumbered, sometimes I just don't catch on to it as quick as I do at home. It doesn't have to be all or nothing. 

Cloth has been great for us. It saves a bunch of money and really hasn't taken a lot of effort. You get a routine down. I wash every other night before bed and stuff them the next day while watching TV. I'll take diaper stuffing over laundry folding any day. It takes less than ten minutes. Sometimes, if I don't get to stuffing during the day, Joe helps while we're watching our shows at night. It's done in no time.

My biggest complaint is the spraying. I won't lie, that part does suck. "Ploppable" is a foreign term in our house. Luckily, spraying only happens once, maybe twice a day and takes a whole 45 seconds. Nothing terrible.

If you are thinking about venturing into cloth diapering and have any questions feel free to ask. I can answer or point you in the direction of some great online resources.

Anyone else cloth diaper now or in the past? Did it go as well for your family as it has for ours?

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  1. Hi! We don't have kids yet but I have always been interested in this… your post was very helpful <3 thank you! I am inspired and hope to at least try it one day…

    1. Nelle- There a companies that you can do a trial. That way you can see what you like before buying.

  2. Interesting. I've always been intrigued my cloth diapers, but haven't jumped on the bandwagon because I hate doing laundry as is. But I recently heard there is a service that picks up the diapers and cleans them for you for a small price, so maybe!

    1. .Jess-While diaper services are convenient, they really aren't cheap and the diapers they offer are limited, usually prefolds and covers, which aren't a super popular choice aside from the newborn stage. I think trying a service for a newborn is great though. I didn't want to have to deal with washing at first so we did disposables until they fit in their "one size" diapers at about 10lbs.

      I promise the laundry isn't bad at all. I just throw it in before we go to bed.

  3. We're cloth diapering. Dutch is 5 months old and I've been doing it since he was 7 weeks old and we love it! I think for us the anticipation of starting was the worst part :-)

    1. SO true! Once you jump in and get the hang of it, you realize it's really not bad at all.


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