All Time Favorite Mascaras

I'm really picky when it comes to mascara. It's one of the few products that I don't just stick to any one kind. I like to try out different ones, even when I think I've found perfection. You'd think I'd just stay with what works best. What if there's something even better? Recently I found what I'm fairly certain is my favorite mascara ever, better than my all time go-to. So good that I may just forget all the others.

First, let me explain what I look for in a mascara. Not everyone wants the same things in the same order. The most important thing for me in length. I have long lashes. I want them to look even more freakishly long. Also, it needs to separate. I cannot use a mascara that clumps whatsoever. Since I like lots of length, I'll sometimes really work it and and even layer. Some mascaras tend to clump if you apply a lot. That can't happen. Then, thickness and volume. That's important too. 

 This is the new favorite I was talking about. MAC Extended Play Gigalash, in black. This gives crazy length and it separates. It gives moderate thickness/volume and can be layered and worked even thicker, without clumping. I love love love it. The brush is really skinny so you can get super close to the lash base, Since the bristles are really short, it doesn't press on to the lid when working it in. MAC mascaras have always left much to be desired in the past (besides Haute and Naughty that I'd rate a B- due to occasional clumping) but this one, spot on. The biggest trait my Mom looks for in a mascara is volume and this is her new favorite as well. I'd say this one is a winner all around. 


My all time go-to. No matter what I tried, I always went back to Loreal Voluminous, in carbon black. The length it excellent. The volume, even better. If you want lots of volume, this is your mascara. It makes the lashes look like a fan, if that makes sense. Seriously, so full. You really don't even need to work this in much or layer. The formula is just a great consistency, even after a couple weeks of use, when others start to not work as well. The brush is full but it doesn't make a mess on the eye lids. I know I said length is my biggest "must" and this one does have that. The volume paired with the length is what makes me go back to this every time. 

I'd been hearing about NYX's Doll Eyes for a while and finally decided to give it a try. If it wasn't for MAC's Gigalash being so amazing, I'd have bought another. It goes on really nice and lenghtens really well. It adds moderate volume. I bought the "long lash" formula but they also have a "volume" one specifically for that. My only complaint is that after a few weeks it starts to dry out a little and doesn't go on as well, not too bad though. Still, those first few weeks are totally worth it. This also layers nicely.

What are your all time favorites? Have you tried any of these? Do you skip around or stick to what works?


  1. Great post! I am loving the L'oreal butterfly mascara at the moment.


  2. I'm the same way -- even when I think I've found the perfect mascara I have to try more! I used to LOVE Voluminous, but for some reason I stopped using it. Currently I'm obsessing over Lorac's Cobra mascara. I like to do one layer of Great Lash, then follow up with the Cobra. Perfect every time.

    1. Layering is the way to go. I don't always do it but when i have the time or if we're going out for the night, I always do

  3. I've also been using L'oréal Voluminous for a long time and really like it!
    If you are interested you can see my top 3 mascaras here: www.mariamui.com/my-favorite-mascaras/

    Maria Mui // www.mariamui.com


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