5 Things I'm Thankful For

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. We enjoyed the day with family. The kids were exhausted and Finley was sure to tell me how much fun she had before going to bed. Success.

Obviously we're all thankful for our family, children, health, homes, friends and all those givens. So I wanted to list some other things I'm thankful for.

Good T.V. Seriously. I love our shows. We don't watch a ton of T.V, but the shows that we do watch, we really love. I sure do get excited for a new season of Big Brother or The Bachelor. 

Wine. Enough said. 

Our comfy bed. It's pretty awesome We've had it for like a year and I still rave about how much I love it at least three nights a week when I snuggle in.  

That Joe is now off every Sunday. A weekend day off in the chef life is rare. His new restaurant is closed every Sunday. It's really nice having an actual weekend day as a family vs. our "weekend" always being mid-week. 

I really, really love cheese. Cheddar, grated parmesan, string, all of it. One of my closest friends was a neighbor at one point. She joked that the only thing I ever asked to borrow was parmesan cheese. Not milk, not eggs, not sugar...parmesan cheese. Truth. 


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  1. I can't wait till the next season of The Bachelor! Chris may not have been my favorite last year, but I do have high hopes for him. I reminds me a bit of Sean, whose prob one of my favorites, so I think we're in for a great season!

  2. I LOVE BIG BROTHER!!!! I just changed blog names and URLs so come check me out http://justaddredwine.blogspot.com


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