5 Must Try Cheap Bubbly Picks

We drink our fair share of fancy wines. It goes with the chef territory. I'm a Mom. It goes with that territory too. I kid, I kid. Kind of. We do drink wine pretty often so it isn't always fancy. We love to pop open a bottle at night after the kids go to bed and catch up on our shows (or blog and play Xbox). What kind of Mommy'ish blog would this be if there wasn't mention of wine?

I'm really partial to sparkling right now. I've been on bubbly kick for a good while. Joe prefers reds but those are my last pick. I have to be pretty desperate.

I don't like my bubbly super sweet, just a little. Being crisp is a must. That's really what I look for.

I may be a little partial to Prosecco. Here are some of our fairly priced favorites...

Barefoot Bubbly Brut Cuvee
(even though their "champagne" label is a lie)

Are you a wine drinker? What's your go-to?

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  1. Great list! I love a little bubbly :) Barefoot also makes a yummy (and cheap) bubbly pinot grigio!


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