Work Day With a Fine Dining Chef, My Husband!

I promise I don't make my husband chronicle his work days for my blog. On Wednesday night while visiting with family we learned that our niece nominated him to her class as someone she admires. Along with that came an assignment...

Stanley himself!
As you can see, Joe really got in to this.

Starting the day off catching up on emails.

Going over menu changes. This one cracks me up."Stanley and the guys." lol

Announcing menu changes pre-shift.


Expediting during service,

Our niece will present this to her class. I don't take the credit for putting it together. Lucky for me, Joe commissioned his sisters skills for that. 

This project couldn't have come at a better time as he finishes out his last week. He's been there for over five years. He starts his new position at the new restaurant next week. We're really excited about that, but I know he's really going to miss the people he works with. 

When I saw these pictures I just knew I had to share. I can't wait for the class to see. Our niece is going to be so proud.

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