Thursday Randoms

There's a bunch of random things I want to share but nothing that really needs a whole post, so I'm just going to dump it all here.

1. Joe starts the new job today. He just left. My Executive Chef husband, of a nationally recognized restaurant. I know, I know. I probably seem a little obsessed. I am. Nine years ago I was writing college culinary essays for that boy. Now, here we are.

2. This past Saturday we got a night out. Our close friends are getting married and it was their Bachelor and Bachelorette parties. So.much.fun. We don't go out very often. Us girls started the night out at a really nice sushi place. After several other stops, we met up with the guys at an 80's themed club.  

3. Them. We're loving the not so hot temperatures.

...and yes, Finley decided to pick some not so ready peppers. She was proud. Notice Minnie Mouse swinging too. Carson's legs look so much longer here than they did in a picture from just a few months ago. Sigh.

4. I'm having my first blog giveaway! It *should* start tomorrow. 

5. Can I just say how much I'm loving blogging lately? I'm so glad I'm putting more time into this and branching out. I'm finding so many awesome blogs. It's addicting. I give my everything to our family and that's so rewarding but it's also nice to have a little "me" hobby. I may be lacking sleep and it's not because of the kids...

6. I ordered a new gel polish and couldn't wait to get it on. I may be a little (ok, a lot) obsessed with gold lately, just like the rest of the world. Check out my gel nail post from last week.

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  1. awww look at those precious babies in the yard. gosh her hair is GORGEOUS and so long! i love love love long hair on little girls! okay, and big girls ;)

  2. I know! She's like Ralunzel! It's so long.


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