Simple DIY Heat Pack and Pocket Warmers

When I started working at the spa way back we sold homemade heat packs made by a coworker. They were a hit. During the holidays they flew off the shelves. I gifted them to everyone one year. We had several of our own but through the years, and a few moves, they were misplaced. I kept telling myself I'd get a machine, learn to sew and make one. 
Six years later...

This is a super easy project. I'm a fairly beginner sewer. The pocket hand warmers were actually an afterthought as I was sorting through my scrap fabric deciding which to use for the hot pack. Hot packs are awesome. They're great for sore muscles. I often get lower back and knee aches. You can also use them for cold therapy by keeping them in the freezer.
I can't wait for the kids to be able to use the little hand warmer packs. They'll go great in hoodie pockets. I made Carson's a little smaller than Finley's. 
-Scrap fabric
-Sewing machine and thread
-Uncooked rice
-Your favorite essential oil/s (optional)

Start by cutting your fabric to the desired size, keeping in mind seam allowance. 
I did 7x12 for the hot pack, 3x4 for Finley's pocket warmers (she's 3) and 2.5x3.5 for Carson's (he's going on 15 months).  For an adult, 3x4 would probably be perfect. I wouldn't go any bigger than that.

No worries about crooked cuts or loose threads. They're going to be flipped inside out. 

Each pack needs two sheets of fabric. Stack those two pieces, pretty sides together, un-dyed sides facing out, and sew around three sides, leaving a smaller end open. Flip inside out.

Now comes the rice.
Fill the heat back 3/4 full.
Fill the hand warmers half way.

Add in 10-15 drops of your favorite essential oil/s and shake shake shake. I only did the oils in the hot pack, not the hand warmers.

Then, flip the cut edges in to make a clean edge and sew across to seal.

Warm your heat pack in the microwave for about 45-60 seconds. For a cold pack, put it in the freezer.
Warm the pocket warmers (2) for about 15-20 seconds.
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