Recent Toddler Randoms

These two. I melt.


::Finley and I laying in bed talking before bedtime::
Her: "Mommy, I love your green eyes"
Me: "Thank you baby. They're blue."
Her: "What color are my eyes? I need a mirror."
Me: "Lets go look" (I pick her up and we head to the bathroom mirror.)
Her: "Ohhh. They black".
I let her know that they are in fact, brown, not black. lol


Me: "Baby please eat your dinner. Dr K said you need to eat your food." (Hey, whatever works!)
::She doesn't eat anything but carries on a conversation for several minutes::
Finley: (out of the blue) "I'm going to eat my taco. I like Dr. K"


Finley: Mommy. "we going to peoples houses tonight for Halloween?"
Me: "No. It's not Halloween tonight"
Finley: "Tomorrow?"
Me: "No"
Finley: "Tuesday?"
Me: "Nope"
Finley: "Next week?"
Me: (laughing and pretty amazed) "No. It's in about two more weeks"

Who is this kid and how does she comprehend days and weeks?!


In the back yard I turn around to see her pulling up her pants. She excitedly informs me "I pee in the grass, like Dutchess!". She even told Meme on the phone that night, because she was just so proud.


Carson. This.

Just standing on my dino toy, dancing.  Next he tried to climb on dino's head, and then the coffee table. This fearless boy thing is all so foreign to me. Pretty  sure at three years old Finley wouldn't be able to balance like that.  

Most of the time when I hand him something he says "Thank you". I was in denial at first but after multiple times knew that's what he was saying. 

He also gives kisses, real ones, smack and all. It's the best. 

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