Mommy Planner & Toddler Chore Chart. How Stuff Gets Done!

A few weeks ago I got Finley this chore chart. We're loving it. It makes her excited to do things and put her magnets on (most of the time). We're not super strict with it. It's just a way for her to take a little responsibility and to be proud and enthusiastic about pitching in.  

I'm big on lists. Writing stuff down is a way for me to sort of "give it away", if that makes sense. It frees up my mind instead of having to try and remember everything. Up until about six weeks ago, I had lists laying everywhere...the counter top, my purse, my phone memo pad, the side of the fridge on the white board. Then I decided to try out a planner. I looked into the Plum Paper Design planners but since they aren't super cheap, I wanted to try a basic one first. If I stick with it, then I'd order a jazzy once next time. The Plum planners look super nice, and pretty. They're customizable.

I'm loving using a planner and having everything in one place. I keep post-it notes in the front with blog post ideas and long term "to-do's" that aren't planned for any specific day. On one of the "notes" pages I've started keeping track of Christmas shopping, the gift budget and checklist.

Don't you just love me beautiful art work on the front? ;) I think it needs a re-do. I'll probably just wait a few more months to be sure I stick with the planner thing and then order a Plum planner, since you can have them start with any month you choose.

I need to put my washi-tape to more use. I bought several different ones. Keeping it pretty kind of motivates me.

I use the daily pages the most, by far. Also, white out it my friend. If you don't use a planner and decide to start, use a pencil so you can erase or be sure you have white out.  Checking stuff off and looking at a full list with nothing left at the end of the night feels pretty nice. 

How do you stay organized? Have you tried a planner or do you prefer lists?

Also, The chore chart is made by Melissa and Doug, for anyone interested.

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