Fall Toddler Clothing Picks From Target

The other day I came across a blog with a collage of some really cute toddler outfits, all reasonably priced. (Gap, Old Navy and Carters). It made me want to go out and buy some of the items. Often you come across kids clothes on blogs that aren't so affordable. I love me some shopping and like for the kids to have a good variety of clothing to wear so I tend to shop for reasonably priced items. I'll fork out more for items that get worn often, like jackets and shoes. Sometimes the baby boutiques do get the best of me but usually only for special occasions, holidays or picture outfits.

Finley has grown so much over the past few months that she really doesn't fit into any of last years stuff. All of her jeans are way too short. She usually gets her winter clothing for Christmas, since it doesn't get cold here until after then, aside from a few random chilly days. She just needs enough to tie her over until then. The cooler days are already upon us. It was 60 and gorgeous this morning. 

Carson is pretty much set for fall and winter. We were really lucky. Our best friends son handed down a bunch of clothing to him. They match up perfectly, season wise. Also, since his birthday was at the end of July and he already had enough summer clothes, he got a good amount of fall items then. He doesn't need anything. It's just so hard not to not shop for him!

Anyways, I wanted to share our recent purchases. I like short sleeved shirts for the fall because you can pair them with a light jacket in the morning and then take it off when it warms up in the afternoon. We also do solid long sleeved shirts underneath. I plan on more shopping this week. I usually avoid the stores on the weekends.

Toddler Fall Style

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