Breastfeeding #2 | Fifteen Months In

If you know me, you know that I'm really passionate about breastfeeding. At any given time, I'm the go-to resource for several friends, via calls or texts. If they read this blog, they're nodding their heads right now saying "Hey! That's me!".

 You can read about mine and Finley's breastfeeding jounery here. She nursed for 21 months, into my third month of pregnancy with Carson, when my milk dried up. 


So, how's it going with Carson? 

We've had our up's and minor downs but it's been mostly smooth sailing. Starting out was much easier the second time around. I knew to avoid a shallow latch from the get go. That's what caused all the pain the first couple of weeks with Finley. I also knew that a crying baby doesn't always equal a starving baby. I had a lot more confidence in my body and supply this time. Breastfeeding was a given the second time around. There was no way it wouldn't work for us. 

Carson nursed very frequently in the beginning, but I preferred that. Supply dips were common with Finley after she hit four months old. I wanted to be sure and establish plenty from the very start, and we did. Carson grew so fast at first. It balanced out after a few months. Then at five months old, we all got sick. Really sick. It was horrible. That week we were in the doctor's office several times. Carson even went to the emergency room. He had broncheolitis and very little interest in nursing. I pushed it as much as I could but I was super sick too and it was just...bad. The decrease in nursing frequency caused a terrible supply dip. His weight gain slowed dramatically. After we were on the mend, I worked at getting my milk back up like it was my job. I overdosed on fenugreek and blessed thistle, made lactation cookies, power pumped all day, ate tons of oatmeal, drank lots of water and cups and cups of mothers milk tea. It took time but it worked and he started gaining better again.

Shortly after that, we all got a nasty tummy bug; my definition of hell. We passed it around and around. I was severely dehydrated. I couldn't keep anything down. My supply suffered and I worked my butt off to get it back up...again. It worked. Since then there have been several other little dips here and there, mainly due to minor nursing strikes. Carson is a tiny peanut but he's growing. He eats table foods like a little piggy. 

If you'd asked me two months ago how much longer I'd be breastfeeding, I would have guessed a few more months. My active little man went through a phase where he seemed to be losing interest. He recently decided he's all about it again. I don't know if it's a comfort thing due to his crazy teething or what but lately that's all he wants to do when we're at home. I don't see an end in sight. That's fine by me at this point. We are 99% sure he's our last baby and the idea of being done breastfeeding already made me a little sad. He's such a sweet Momma's boy and I love snuggling with him. Although, lately nursing looks more like an acrobatic act with him all over the place. 

I'm so glad breastfeeding worked out for us and that I never let my supply doubts get the best of me. It's been such a special and rewarding experience with our babies that I'll always cherish.



  1. Aww this is such a sweet post.


  2. Way to go! Breast feeding is not always an easy task and as a mom who did it for 14 months, I can relate to a lot of what your wrote here!
    The Doctor Diva

  3. 21 months is awesome! I'm just completing my 5th month breastfeeding with my first and I hope to continue as long as I can. I had some trouble when I transitioned back to work in September but with some hard work & dedication we're back in business. It is my hope that we can get to at least 12 months. You're awesome mama for hanging in there with those sick times! You rock!

  4. Carly- That's awesome. Congrats on 14 months!

    Darby- You've totally got it. Those first few months are definitely the hardest.


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