A Lifestyle Blogger?

You may have noticed my blog design change a few days ago. It was time. Now there's more room for pictures and it just looks cleaner. I'm really loving the new look. It's still a work in progress. 

Since catching up last month I've been devoting more time to blogging. From the start this was more of an extended baby book. Before kids I had a small beauty blog. I enjoyed it, and the blogging community. Pregnancy and family took over and that went on the back burner. Then, recently I decided that I could blog here about whatever the heck I please. "Our Litte Loves" doesn't just have to be an extended baby book. This was a hump I needed to get over.

I really didn't know what to call this place. Mommy blog?...but I don't just write about the kids. I write about makeup, beauty, crafts and other random stuff too. That's all Mommy related though, right? 

I'd heard the term "lifestyle blogger" before but that seemed so glamorous. My lifestyle is average. Amazing, but average. I pictured a lifestyle blog containing photos of high end fashion and frequent extravagant vacations around the world. 

Then, I found out what the term really meant. My lifestyle. Anyone's lifestyle. Not just extravagant ones. 

  1. the way in which a person or group lives

"Person or group"...me and my gang. Our family. Everything that entails. Perfect. I can blog about whatever I please and it even has a cool blogging classification. Even better.

Welcome to my lifestyle blog, with the pretty new design. Hope you enjoy!

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