Weekend Recap

In our house weekends are just like any other day. Joe is rarely off on Saturday or Sunday. Our "weekend" usually falls somewhere in the middle of the week, which is great for avoiding crowds.

This Saturday my Mom invited the kids and I out for some fun in the sun. Her and a group of her friends/co-workers were out camping along the beach. The RV resort was awesome. If you're from the area or are ever looking for a fun motor home or RV campground in Galveston, look into Jamaica Beach RV Park. Such a neat place! They have a nice pool with a swim up bar, on site put-put golf, a little trolley ride thing for the kids and even some pet alpacas that you can feed along the back of the property. Makes me want to buy a camper. It's all right across the street from the beach.

The kids both had so much fun. We learned that Carson is a daredevil around water. The boy has no fear. He just parades through without a care in the world. A few times he even bent over completely dunking his face in! Finley, on the other hand just recently go to the point where she will go into deeper water with her puddle jumper vest on with an adult. Luckily she's more cautious and just hangs out in the shallow areas. If she accidently wanders a little too deep she starts to freak out.

I want to get her in swim lessons. I just need to figure out the logistics with two kids and only one of me. I *think* it's parent participation at most classes here.

 Playing in Grandma's "house". She called her trailer her house.

That's Finley with her best friend, Cloe. Her Mom is a long time close friend of my Mom's. The girls are only a few months apart in age so it's been fun seeing them grow together.

On Sunday I conquered my most favorite chore ever, the restrooms. Of all the house work I despise this the most, but it's done. I did a deep cleaning too. Walls, light switches, the window sill. So yeah, feels nice to have it done. Afterwards I did a bit of online shopping for essentials. I also washed, folded and put away the laundry. After that I did diaper laundry and stuffed them. Then I made dinner, bathed the kids and did our night time routine. I'm loving that Carson is so into books now. He's even starting to know and say some of the animal sounds in his favorite book before I say them! After putting the kids down I vacuumed, mopped and meal planned for the week. Feels nice to have all my main stuff done for a few days after getting the grocery shopping done this morning. Joe is off tomorrow and Wednesday. I try to get everything in order around here so that my perfectionist self isn't running around trying to do it all when he's home. I like to be able to relax and do fun stuff when we're all together as a family since he gets home from work after the kids are asleep most nights. We sometimes do yard, garden or garage chores on his days off but I enjoy stuff like that when we're doing them together with the kids in tow. Tomorrow I plan on having him get my fall d├ęcor box down from the attic so I can put it all out. I love the fall. We even have our first "cold" front coming through this week. 60's, Brrrrrrr. So freezing ;) Today I picked up some pumpkin cake batter while at the grocery store and may even venture to Starbucks for some pumpkin spice frap soon. I refused to allow myself one while it was still 95 degrees out.

Speaking of meal planning, here's our menu for the week. Two of them are new to us recipes. I've been wanting to do a post on some of my frequent favorites so hopefully expect that soon'ish.

All of these, besides the pre-made Perogis and the Enchiladas and rice that are my Mother-In-Law's recipe, are pinned on my Pinterest board here.

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  1. I totally understand you about trying to get all the "chores" done so when the hubby is home you can relax and spend time as a family, that's me too I hate wasting time making things up to my perfectionist standards when the hubby is home with us because it's so infrequent we have days of together when we do I just want to enjoy them!!!


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