First haircut | First Dance Class

The Wednesday before last was a big day of firsts for our family.  Little man got his first haircut. 
I promise it really wasn't this traumatic although it looks pretty bad. He whimpered but didn't full on cry. It only took about five minutes and the lady did a great job. No more baby curls for this big boy.

Finley had her first day of dance class.  She did awesome.  She was afraid at first when Ms. Cyndi, her teacher went to take her in (parents stay out) and kept saying "Mommy come with me?". Cyndi carried her in and there were a few reluctant tears but she warmed up fast. A few minutes later I hear "Mom?" coming from the door of her class.  Every Mom turned to look. I was the Mom she was calling for. Finley wanted a kiss. She got her kiss and went back to dancing. Then my Mother in Law and niece showed up to watch. We didn't want Finley to see them because we knew she'd get distracted so they hid from her view behind the window. Then a little girl needed to exit class to potty and Finley saw Kaylee (her cousin) outside the cracked door. . After a second of thought she darted for the door to ask for a quick high five from Kaylee and then me before running back to her class. It was so cute. I'm glad she had a good time and can't wait to see her branch out more.. I think that since we aren't starting preschool until next year and really only do story time at the library as a regular social activity, this is good for her. On the way home we asked her if she was ready for class next week and she said "I went. All done with dance" so I was sure to tell her that she would get a snow cone after class on week two.
This week, week two, she did even better in class. She lined up (in the front!) and headed to the room without even looking back! She wasn't timid or shy at all.
Pictures from her first day.


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