Favorite Books for Three Year Olds

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Now that Finley is becoming a big girl, reading with her is a whole different type of fun. The books are of course longer but what I really enjoy are the messages. Here are our favorite books for the three-year-old age range.

I Love You, Stinky Face
She really likes this one. I love it. It's heartwarming. An excerpt:
"But, Mama, but, Mama, what if I were a swamp creature with slimy, smelly seaweed hanging from my body?"
"Then I would live by the swamp and take care of you always. I'd tell you, 'I love you, my slimy swamp monster!'"
The book goes on to different scenarios:an alligator, a one eyed monster, all with answers showing a mothers unconditional love. I'm so glad we found this one.

Goodnight Moon
A classic. We've had this since she was younger but it's recently her current favorite. I think because the pages are paper in ours. I usually buy board books. Also because she loves finding the mouse on the pages. Every time I turn the page "what's the mouse doing?" I have to tell her what he's doing (even though she knows) before going on to reading.

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom
This one is fun, rhymey and she likes to shout out the "Oh No!" and other exaggerated parts. A great ABC learning book. It's been a favorite since she was two.

Wherever You Are, My Love will find you.
"I wanted you more than you ever will know,
so I sent love to follow wherever you go."
Another one about unconditional love from a parent. It's a sentimental book and nicely written. The pages are eye catching. It talks about the parents love always being able to find the child, when they are playing, working,etc. Finley loves the pictures in this one. It even hits home for me in reference to losing my dad this year.
"And if someday you’re lonely,
or someday you’re sad,
or you strike out at baseball,
or think you’ve been bad...
   just lift up your face, feel the wind in your hair.
That’s me, my sweet baby, my love is right there."

Giraffes Can't Dance
Another fun book with great pictures. The messages is awesome, dancing to your own beat and how awesome that can be even if it's not what everyone else is doing. It's an easy read and I like that it's a little longer than many other books for this age range. There's lots of animation and excitement in the writing.

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