Favorite Books For One Year Olds

I'm going to do a set on our favorite books. Ones for books we like for Carson (one year old) and then next, for Finley (three years old)

Carson has recently really taken to reading, finally. Big sister was an early book lover. It took little man some time to sit still. I was a little sad when it seemed like he wasn't interested at first. Then, he was, overnight. Hearing him ask for me to read to him is so adorable. He asks often, "book!".
Our tried and true favorites over the years...

Moo, Baa, La La La!
Our favorite by FAR! I can't say enough about this book. Finley adored it and now Carson is also obsessed. The animal sounds draw them in. Carson can already recite most of the sounds. Finley still does. This book is a staple of both their babyhoods and is very close to my heart.

Bubbles Bubbles
This gem came from the dollar bin at Target! Yep, really. One of Carson's first words was "Bubble". It's a fun book. "Bubbles Bubbles on my nose.....toes......hair.......everywhere". I point to the areas on him and he digs it. I vouch for this one because Finley also loved it.

But Not The Hippopotamus
Yes, there's a trend starting. We love Sandra Boynton books. This one is really fun and rhymey. Carson isn't quite there yet but Finley got to where she would know the spots of the"yell out" words and she'd "read" them for me.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar
Cliché, I know. Just get it. This one holds a special place in my heart because it was the first baby book I bought and read to Finley. I remember liking it as a kid. Both the kids do too. It's honestly a little tiring to read, in my opinion, and not really my favorite but it is one theirs ...and it's just a kid bookshelf must have.

Where is Baby's Belly Button
This one is fun because they get to lift the flap, possibly rip it off too, watch out for that. Keep a glue stick handy. It's exciting for the littles that get amazed by anything at this stage. When we find the toes, cat, belly button etc under the flap I make it a big thing. He loves it.

First 100 Words
Highly recommended. This book is awesome. It's not a traditional book that you read through. You just point and say the words and try to get baby to pick them out and say the names eventually. We've started going over it with Carson attempting to say stuff but this one seriously lasts a long time. They can learn counting, colors, vehicles. The book is just so educational for their little rapidly learning minds and it's pretty darn exciting to see them making progress and learning more and more. I'm so glad to have this one.  

Next up: Our favorite three year old books...

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