Fall Garden and What We've Been Up To

The past week has been a little different than our usual norm. Joe has been on vacation from work and home with us. The kids have really enjoyed having him here. I get to see him every night when he gets home from work but they usually don't because they're already in bed.

With him home, we've conquered some of the little household tasks that required both of us. We also got the garden cleaned out and re-planted for the fall. I saved a corner for spinach since it's still a little too early for that here. We planted, cauliflower, lots of kale, carrots, more tomatoes, broccoli, cabbage, purple cabbage and brussels sprouts. Our eggplant and peppers from the summer are still going strong. We're hoping the strawberry plants make it to next year. We'll see.

Yesterday we went to the zoo. We're members but haven't gone since July because it's been too hot. Yesterdays weather was gorgeous. It was around 80 degrees and breezy. The zoo welcomed a new baby giraffe about a month ago so I'd been wanting to go since. The cooler weather made the afternoon perfect. Before the zoo we went out to lunch and to the Halloween costume store to browse but didn't find anything.

A couple nights ago my dinner meal plan was at it's end and I hadn't gone to the grocery store or made any meal plans. Instead of going out we decided to tag team dinner last minute. The result.

Shrimp, cremini mushroom and basil ravioli with homemade marinara sauce. Everything from scratch, including the raviolis made with a pasta roller. I made the sauce. Joe did the raviolis. The meal took some work but it was well worth it. I'm a little embarrassed to admit this was my first time making sauce from scratch...and I did it all on my own. I thought about posting the full recipe for this dish but figured the majority of people don't own pasta rollers, I wouldn't if my husband wasn't a chef. I do think I might make a separate post later on for my sauce because it was seriously amazing and I'll definitely be making it again. Can you tell I'm a little proud of it?

This morning I was able to go grocery shopping alone. That's a special occasion in itself. Tomorrow I'll be posting my latest meal plans. I have to run now since we're out our way out the door to dance class.

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