DIY Bibdanas and a Pillowcase Dress

Finding the energy to bust out the sewing machine after the kids go to bed takes some effort, or coffee, or wine. I don't even attempt while the kids are awake. I'm new to sewing. My Nana tried to teach me when I was around ten. Nothing really came of that other than a small pillow.

After having Finley, the theory seemed nice - make cool stuff for her. I mentioned that to my Mom once or twice and then I got pregnant with Carson and gave up all hope of ever having time to sew. Then my Mom got me a surprise for Christmas, a new sewing machine. It sat in the closet unopened for over a year. The plan was to eventually figure it out...one day.

Enter the purchase of my second Tula baby carrier and needing suck pads for it. The first ones several months prior cost me around $20! I had to make some for myself. Seemed easy enough...and it was, after figuring out all the machine basics and threading. I actually made two pairs...for only a few dollars.

My suck pads on the new Tula (back in April).

Soon after, I bought a cute bibdana from a Momma friend with a great etsy store. I loved it and wanted more. They seemed simple enough. After making one from some scrap fabric I had laying around, I went and bought fabric to make a bunch more. I also bought a little snap tool...coolest thing ever.

I even made two for a close friend to include in her baby shower gift for her new baby boy on the way. Here's one of them...

After Zulily cancelled the order I made for Finley's pumpkin patch outfit due to them running out of stock, I decided I'd finally attempt a pillowcase dress instead of re-ordering something. I'd been wanting to make one since she was itty bitty. I measured next to one I bought her last year and cut a few inches larger for her growth and the seam allowance. I didn't even use a pattern.

It's certainly not perfect but I'm happy with it. Pillowcase dresses are forgiving which make them a great beginner sewing project. I'm definitely going to make more. They're so cute and making vs. buying saves a bunch of cash. They don't even use a full yard of fabric for one dress.

Once I got the machine out and set up this dress only took maybe 25 minutes. Not long for my first.

I'm finding sewing to be really rewarding. When I have the time, that is. That's the hardest part. Sometimes I'm just so tired after the kids go down. I'll have big plans for the night....well every night, until I finally suck it up and pull out the machine.

 There's always something I have in mind for my next project. I want to make an aromatherapy rice hot/cold pack next and then another dress. Any other sewers have suggestions for fun beginner projects that you've enjoyed?

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