Moving Along

Ok! Now instead of being four months behind, I'm only two. I realize I could just skip it all and continue on, but I can't. That's some type-a personality for ya'. But hey, I'm almost there. This should be it. Progress.

Next, I'll get back on it with an entry about Carson's Birthday yesterday.

This one is going to contain a ton of pictures. I'm literally looking though my Dropbox album as a refresher. Here we go...

I left off with Finley's third birthday. My Mom got her and Carson a swing set as a joint gift for both their birthdays. We have enjoyed it SO much already. Carson even has his own baby swing. The mosquitoes have put a recent damper on using it in the early evenings when it cools down BUT I saw the mosquito sprayer truck the other day, so yay!

Some more recent backyard fun.

I had to post a princess castle picture. Finley got this tent castle for her birthday. It's still up in Carson's room. They spend tons of time in it. They use the window as a door sometimes, literally plowing out of it, very prince and princess like. I've taken plenty of pictures of them in it, particularly Carson. Perfect pictures for the girlfriends way down the road.

and then there's story time at the library. We've been going to the same one for almost two years. We love us some Ms. Brenda. Carson even gets into it now and dances, which is super exciting. It took Finley forever to not be so shy and to actually dance and come out of her shell there. I love that our library has great kids program.  

On July 4th we went to Joe's sisters house. She had a little party. Joe worked but was able to get off somewhat early and come, which was nice. I slacked on the pictures except for this one and these selfies earlier in the day of me and my loves :)

 About two weeks ago we went to the water park with a big chunk of Joe's family. It was so much fun and both Finley and Carson's first water park trip. We plan to make another visit to a different, closer by park soon.

with Grandma.

...and last. I had to share this. I know these will be the things I love reading back on. I was getting ready for us to meet up with some friends for a night out to the comedy club. Joe's mom was coming over to watch the kids. I had my shoes set out and turned around to this...

"Oh yes, Mommy! My glass slipper! I flying!"

I love these kids.

There! All caught up. A little insight into the past four months of our crazy, awesome, hectic life.

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