I'm Back! Where Has the Time Gone?

I didn't forget about this blog. Life just happened...a lot of it. Here we are, it's almost August. Little man will be a year old on Friday and our big girl turned three, two months ago. I always post with the intention of keeping up, and then I don't. One big reason is because I really never pull out the laptop anymore. I'm always on my phone or the iPad. I've looked into apps but all the reviews seem discouraging. I'm not looking to lose a post after putting precious time into it! It's almost impossible to complete an entry on the iPad. Maybe I'm missing something but it doesn't let me scroll down correctly? Any tips on that or a reliable app?

Now to catch up. I can't possibly, so lets at least get to the main stuff. So, where I left off...March.

::deep breath:: Four days after my last entry we unexpectedly lost my Father. My babies lost their Grandpa. While life can be full of amazing, I got hit with the harsh reality of just how inevitably cruel it also is. My Dad was an amazing Father, Grandpa and Husband (of 36 years). We were his world. While losing my Dad at only 28 hurts so much, I am thankful that he knew my babies. He loved them. They knew him and will continue to know him. His parents passed in their 60's and early 70's and he always worried he wouldn't see Grandchildren, just as his Father never did. These babies completed his life. I'm so glad I was able to give him that. Although they are still so young, and that stings, they got to have their Grandpa and I got to watch him love and enjoy them. We now all have him watching over us, our Guardian Angel.  Here's some photo's of us with my Dad.

...and an oldie. I was around Finley's age in this picture :)

 Love and miss you, Dad.

At the end of April/beginning of May we went to Florida, where I'm from. Finley has gone several times since we go at least yearly, but it was Carson's first visit. He finally got to meet my Meme (Godmother) and some of our other family there. It was a nice trip.

We also took Finley to Disney for the first time. I went often as a kid but taking her trumped it all. It made my heart happy. Even Joe commented that no amount of money was too much for that experience with her. Three was the perfect age, in my opinion. I cannot wait to take Carson when he turns three and to get to experience the magic with him all over again. Some photos from the trip...

This post is pretty long now and we're about to head out to do some shopping with my Mother-In-Law. Tonight I'll be back to do some more catching up, split the entries up a bit. I'm thinking it may take two or three more.

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