Finley's Third Birthday

Two months ago our girl turned THREE. Crazy! She has changed so much these past few months, our big girl.  This girl, she's a diva and a drama queen to the max. I keep telling myself it's normal three year old behavior. You know, literally freaking out over everything. She is also Miss bossy. "Mommy, nowwwww". Oh, really? No. I'm really loving watching her and brother interact, most of the time. I'm already getting a glimpse into the sibling battles. Yes, already. We're working on sharing in our house. Fun stuff.

Finley's third birthday was all we could have hoped for. Her and her guests had a great time. We had it at the kiddie-spa. The girls got their hair, nails and some light makeup done, then they had a princess crowning ceremony, (Crowned by Mommy!) on the runway. They finished off by jamming, dancing and doing the cha-cha slide and train all around and outside the spa. It really was a great place to have the party.  I hope she wants it there again one day.


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