Carson's First Birthday!

Our boy turned one on Friday. I'm still in disbelief. How?! This year flew by at record speed. We just welcomed him to our family. He fit's in so effortlessly, like he's always belonged. Day by day he steals more and more of his Momma's heart. It's true what they say about baby boys and their Momma's. I just eat this sweet boy up. We are loving this age. He amazes us daily with the new things he learns and does. Just a few days ago he was playing with a toy that says "I love you" and he freaking said it! Yes! My not yet one year old said "I love you". I'm not crazy. I've got proof, video proof. He still says it. Nuts, right? He also tries to sing "twinkle twinkle little star", kind of. When it gets to the "...up above" part he says it, at the exact right time, every time. The first time caught me off guard. I had to sing it again to see if he'd do it again...and he did....and again a few times yesterday and today. It really amazes me. Do they even talk this early? What the heck. He's in a big "repeat after others" phase. So for the books, since I reference back to my blog for things, he now says: Ma-Ma, Da-Da, NoNoNoNo, Yayyyy, Bub-bles, I luh yuhhhh, peek-ah-boooo and he barks. We have dogs. He also claps, waves constantly and motions his pointer finger back and forth to say No No No No....Just like Finley used to do :)

We had a jam packed day for Carson's birthday. First, after waking up, Carson opened his gifts from us and Meme, my Godmother in Florida. The kids played for a bit.

Then we got ready and headed to story time at the library. Carson had a great time and danced more than ever. He's really getting into it now. Then we went to lunch at Luby's, our first time there. After lunch we headed to the zoo. This was Carson's second time going. He was only 5 weeks old for his first visit. We ended up getting a yearly membership which I'm really excited about. The zoo is getting so big. There's too much to do in one day, especially if it's really hot, like yesterday. It'll be nice to go often and at our leisure without having to feel like we need to do it all to get our moneys worth for the day. We're really lucky that Houston has such a nice zoo.

After the zoo we swung by our pediatrician's office for Carson's one year well visit. Yes, mean Momma! In my defense, the office isn't that close by our house and is on the way home from the zoo. Plus, having Joe stay in the car with Finley was super nice instead of me having to tote both kids there alone on a separate day. So, there's that. It was quick and little man didn't even cry for the first shot! Tough boy. He did for the second but only briefly. I was really surprised. Carson now weighs 17lb 6oz. He was 5lb 8.5oz at birth. Our little peanut. I didn't even get his height or head measurement but Dr.K said everything matches up perfectly.

Then it was time for dinner with family after a quick run to pick up the cake. Tradition. This is the same restaurant we had our engagement dinner at as well as Finley's first and second birthday dinners.

After our action packed day we were all exhausted, especially our ONE year old. Joe commented after we finally got home "wow, we really squeezed it all in today". Indeeeeed we did.

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