First Post of 2014. Oops

Over two months since my last post. Yikes. I vowed to record Carson's first year as well as I did Finley's but, that's life. Two kids and all. I've been a busy Momma. Where to begin? Carson is now a bit past seven Months old. Finley will be three in two and a half months.

That would be one of his preemie onesies :(

Our first trip to pick strawberries, two weeks ago.

Little man started solids for the first time a bit over a month ago, when he turned six months old. His first food was carrots.

This girl, my true mini me. Her imagination is really blossoming.  Yesterday I sat down to nurse brother and she decided to join in by nursing her stuffed Mickey Mouse. Yesterday she held a book on top of her spread hand and told me it was a pizza. I love it. The big words she tells me, I have no idea where she's learned them. She amazes us daily. She's so funny, bright and full of personality, a strong one. She's also a drama queen, clumsy and very particular. Sounds familiar. Oddly enough, these are the things that make her crazy, also sounds familiar :) If anything is out of place, she isn't having it. At night before bed she wants her stash on her bed. She doesn't miss a beat...Minnie, Mickey, Daisy, "Piwwows" (pillow pets and one I made her), "liiight"(light up pillow pet), books (three particular ones) and purse. Yes, she sleeps with her purse. Luckily she finally got it through her head that she couldn't sleep with her broom. For a while the stack was much larger.

In regards to the clumsy thing...My kisses are magic. They fix ANYTHING. It's funny and heartwarming. Those kisses, they're no joke. If only that could always be the case.

She's also decided she's into working out. Daddy and I have been doing a DVD program so of course she now gets ready to workout too.

She came to me in her tennis shoes all ready while I was folding laundry one morning.

why yes, that is a heart rate monitor she has on her wrist.

For catching up purposes. Some randoms. Things we've been up to...
Story time at the library. This girl loves her some Miss Brenda.

She insisted on wearing her owl hat. It really wasn't even that cold out.

I love her personality shining through in the one above <3

Getting ready for the spring garden at the nursery.

All done. See that basil plant in the bottom right corner? Yeah, Finley "watered" it, with bubbles. She wanted to "help" with the gardening. Memories...

Speaking of fitness, Joe ran the marathon again this year. Here is a photo of our little family after he finished. Last year we had the same picture except for that Carson was in my tummy instead of outside of it! Our girl has gotten so much bigger too. She looks so long here compared last years photo.

"The Boy". My Dad started calling him this. It stuck. So very endearing. Or should I say MY boy. I adore him. I'm just in love with this boy. I'm eating him up. We all are. He is the sweetest little thing. That smile makes my heart happy. Them together is true happiness. They love each other so much. I'm loving their dynamic. Every morning she asks for him if he's still asleep. He giggles endlessly at her. Every night during reading time in her bed he rolls all over her, she pushes him off as they both crack up. They're nuts. All the while I'm *trying* to read to these crazies. Oh and My girl, she sings "twinkle twinkle" and "Sunshine" to ME now. Then she asks to "cuggle" (cuddle), which is basically her trying to stall on bed time. Ha.

Oh yeah, he planks like no other. It's weird to see since Finley was never a planker. He'd been sitting up a bit wobbly for a while but now he goes a good amount of time without any toppling. He's pretty much crawling. He does a snail crawl and will move an arm ahead here and there but I'm not going to officially call it just yet. I'm thinking it will be in the next few days...as soon and he realizes that you can move one arm up and then the other one right after.

and yes, I predict we'll have an early walker :O Amazing how different these kids are. Sister was not interested in any of this at such an early age.

Love this smile. I wish time would slow down. This sweet boy is such a joy.

Lazy morning with Momma. I make an effort to be in front of the camera with my babies. This article stuck with me a while back. Even if it's an unflattering picture of me...It may not go on Facebook but it does go in their baby books. The post is worth a read for parents.

I could go on and on here and post more and more pictures BUT it's now past 2 am and I think this entry is already bombarded enough with pictures so with that, until next time...

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