Holidays 2013

Here we are, already the holidays. My favorite time of year but also the busiest. We now have a two and a half year old and a four month old. Crazy.

Finley is around 34" tall and about 26.5 pounds, or at least that's what our home scale is saying. She knows all her colors, common shapes and can identify all the letters. She says her first and last name as well and mine and Joe's. She tells people she's two when they ask her age and has been since before she was two. Ha. We started a bit early to get her used to it. She can say her ABC's but refuses to do it straight through and only in bits and pieces. We are very proud of our girl for all she's learned recently. She's so funny. Her new thing is "Momma, ya' ok?". No idea why she's constantly asking me if I'm ok. I always say "yes, baby, I'm ok"...about ten times a day.

Carson hasn't had his four month checkup yet. We go on Wednesday. I did weigh him on black Friday, while shopping at Buy Buy Baby, on their demo scale. Super resourceful and all. He was about 14lbs. I guess we'll see how accurate that was and if he's grown since. He was about five days past four months at that point. Carson is now howling and really working his vocals with high pitched screeching and screaming. He grabs his toys and rattles them. His favorite toy is the key one on his car seat. He's laughing and giggling like crazy. It's awesome.

His 3 month onesie photos because I need to catch up.

and four months.

My last entry was after the pumpkin patch so I need to share a little bit of our Halloween and Thanksgiving...more catching up.

Like normal, we had family over for Halloween and all the cousins went Trick or Treating together. Finley was spooked by scary costumes. Her cousin Gabby was a zombie and it terrified her. She kept saying "bye bye Gabby". Her other cousin Cody had to take off his wolf mask. Our silly girl. She's not usually a scared kid. I was surprised.

 My spooky punch. I made it by freezing some water in a glove with red food coloring.

The week after Halloween we headed down to Galveston for lunch on Joe's day off. It was so pretty out. Lunch was really nice. Last time we ate at this place our girl was so much smaller. They were still building the pier that the restaurant overlooks. It's all finished now.

The picture from our last visit. We loved it because she was cheesin' for the waiter :) She was so little. *sigh*

Now for some of our Thanksgiving.
Joe had to work so we ate at my parents house early and then I took the kids over to his sister's later in the afternoon. It was a nice day. We have so much to be thankful for and we really are, every day.

Now, on to more current times. Christmas! Some ornaments that we made with the kids hands. We made some for our parents as well.

I also made this felt Christmas tree. The supplies were really cheap and Finley is loving it. It will get many years of use, I'm sure. I saw the idea last year on Pinterest and thought it would be perfect for her this year. One day our boy will even be able to decorate it with her. Fun stuff.

Momma isn't the only (semi) crafty one. My girl painting.

Also, I ordered these last night. I can't wait for them to arrive. I think ornaments are such a cool tradition. Our tree has Finley's baby ornament right next to my baby ornament. Now we can add Carson's. Finley also has a ceramic mold hand print one from her first Christmas and we'll be making Carson's this week. I actually bought the kit last year, while pregnant, since I came across the same one I used for Finley and I didn't want to risk not finding it for him this year.

How could I forget Santa? Carson was so good meeting Santa for the first time. Finley was obsessed. She was trying to go right past the line to sit with him right away. Every time we go to the mall, we stop by his area (she always asks) and every time she waves and tells him "hiiii". We have an inflatable Santa in our yard and she's even obsessed with that. Every night when we plug it in she watches it blow up from her bedroom window.

Next week we take our Christmas pictures. The holidays this year have been amazing so far. It really is magical watching your child in amazement.  

Her first time seeing our tree after waking up the morning after we set it up. She just stood there and stared <3 I can only imagine how awesome it will be when Carson starts to love it all too. They are going to be so much fun together. A handful, I'm sure, but also really fun. She is such a great big sister and he's starting to interact a little more which is really cool. He now pulls her hair. Karma in full effect.

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