Five days until Halloween. We've been keeping busy. Our boy turned two months old and then just yesterday, THREE months. I still need to take his three month pictures.

At our big boy's two month pediatrician visit and shots. He was 11lb 3oz and 21 3/4'' long. Not too shabby for a three week early 5lb 8.5oz'er.

Our kids both had their first trip to Chuck E' Cheese after the doctor. Finley loved it. Carson slept the whole time in his carrier. Mean ol' shots.

This post is going to be a big photo unload. It's the best way to catch up with what's been happening around here. A month is a long time to have to document.

First, a few of my favorites of our babies together. They love each
 other <3

I love these because they show our lazy days at home, either just waking up or right before bed.  My girl being her crazy two and a half year old self and this sweet boy taking it all in.

Now for some of my girl alone. The first one cracks me up. She loves to lay in our bed. The queen bee.

This is her over at my parents. She loves going to Grandma and Grandpa's. When I ask her what she wants to do in the mornings her first reply is always "Grandma, Grandpa's?". The second reply is "shopping". She's my kid.

With Grandpa on the tractor. You can see our overgrown garden in the background. We've skipped fall planting this year and plan to revamp for the spring. I can't wait for Finley to help with the planting.

Her with their sweet donkey, Azel. Her name is actually the German word for "donkey".

Finley and Daddy's first fort, made on one of his days off. The were both so excited. Daddy has been waiting for this. Modern day kids...she played the iPad in there.

Now my sweet boy...
 I seriously love this picture. He looks like such a big boy and a little charmer.

Carson helps me cook dinner and clean.

In the past couple of weeks he's fallen in love with the star mobile on his swing and the hanging toys on his car seat.

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