What's in Our Diaper bag?

Back when I had my other beauty/personal blog, I did a "what's in my purse" post. I figured it would be fun to do a diaper bag one now.

Our diaper bag is made by Vera Bradley. It's the "Baby bag", the older model. The newer one was out when I purchased this but I still prefer the previous model. I'm not big on using changing pads. The newer bag has a whole fold out side vs. the pocket on the outside of ours that I use for my wristlet wallet, lip gloss, keys and stuff. I think changing stations are gross and avoid them at ALL costs. We tend to do most changes in the SUV. I've been known to sit in the stroller and do a change on my lap in the family sized restroom...just to avoid nasty public changing stations. Kids touch all over everything and I just assume those things aren't properly cleaned. Yuck.

So yeah...Our bag is in the Baroque print. Before Carson came along we used "The Vera Bag" in the Twirly Birds Pink print but with a boy in tow now, we needed a more gender neutral look. I LOVE the Baroque and so does Joe. I found our prior bag to be too deep and was always digging around trying to find things. It had a good amount of pockets though. I really do like our new "Baby Bag". I can fit everything in the picture below with some room to spare.

Finley is still in diapers. I was intimidated with the thought of potty training with a newborn on the way. I knew that freeing myself up FAST to run to the potty with her might be a little difficult so we decided to wait a bit. I'm still not sure if she's even ready yet but we're going attempt soon.

Carson is still in disposable diapers until we run out of this last pack. We only bought a one sized stash in cloth, no newborn, since they are only that tiny for such a short time. They usually fit the one sized diapers starting at around 10lbs. I tried one on him the other day and he's almost there. Once our jumbo pack of sposies are all used up, we should be good. Luckily there is still room to spare in the bag since sposies take up less room than bulkier pocket cloth diapers.

Two one sized cloth diapers for Finley.
Disposable diapers and wipes for Carson.
Cloth wipes and wipe solution.
Wet bag for dirties.
Changing Pad, just because it came with the bag.
Extra Aden + Anais swaddle blanket.
Extra clean burp rag.
Extra Socks and a onesie.
 A few Crayons.
Restaurant table sticky mat.
CJ's butter cream.
Aveeno diaper cream.
Thermometer, alcohol pads and nasal aspirator (never used this. It's from the hospital. We prefer the Nose Frida)
Hand Sanitizer.
Empty shot record.
Doctor appointment reminder card.
A pen.
My wallet, keys, lip gloss and lipstick.
Finley's sunglasses.
Bed Bath & Beyond coupon.

When we go to my parents house for the day on Sundays I'll usually bring an extra bag with Finley's cloth diapers since we need at least six but other than that, everything fits :) I even occasionally throw in F's tennis shoes, swimsuit or pajamas in case she goes in her little pool, out to play in the barn or if we do bath time over there after dinner.
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