Life is Good

It's nap time so I've come here and do a quick, overdue post. Both babies could wake at any moment. They've been down for a while. Today I used nap time to wash clothes, diapers and catch up on Carson's baby book. I have a huge order of pictures on the way that will need sorting and put into albums. I figured I needed to devote some time here before I'm all tied up with that.

Carson is now almost two months old. Finley somehow made her way to 2 years + 4 months at lightening speed. My girl JUST tuned two :''( We just celebrated her Birthday, she was JUST an only child. Now, here we are. Carson has settled into our family like he's always been here yet the days of being three are still not so distant. Which, by the way, he's now up and nursing as I type.

Carson has had many of his "firsts" this month. His first smile was last Monday (Sept 16th). We were all in the living room. Joe was off from work and Carson and I were sitting on the couch. It was the sweetest little smile. He's had plenty of "gas smiles" but this one was a real happy smile. Here's a picture of his second smile, while Grandpa was over, since I wasn't able to get the first on camera.  I still remember Finley's first smile.

I posted about our Zoo visit already but I don't think I mentioned our beach day from two weeks ago. Finley had a great time. Her and Daddy went in the water while Momma and Carson chilled on the sand. She's been to the beach in Florida but this was her first time to go to our local one. Admittedly, Momma isn't a huge beach fan. I grew up there and to be honest, dirty sand and sticky water is overrated BUT, kids (and husbands) dig it, soooo there's that. Before the beach we went to the Rainforest CafĂ© for the kids first time. Not a hit. Finley was terrified of the fake gorillas. Very unlike her. She normally isn't afraid of anything. It's funny because when we got there she was all into them. Then the fake thunderstorm happened and she suddenly decided they we no longer cool. We ended up having to move tables and she still refused to eat her meal. Luckily she ate it after we left! The manager told me they've literally has kids dart for the door. So funny.

 Right as she was deciding the robot gorillas were evil.

I also wanted to share a couple of cute stories. When Joe gets home from work at night, I share the day's highlights. Here's a few recent ones.

Yesterday Finley wanted me to put on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I told her she'd have to wait a few minutes until brother was done nursing. The remote was too high for her to reach to bring to me, on Joe's dresser. After a few minutes of getting impatient, she comes over, puts her hand on Carson's forehead and lightly pushes him away from me. "There, Brother all doooone!". Nice, real nice. I though it was pretty funny. I swear she's usually a great sister. She's actually up from her nap now.  She's sitting next to me and "holding it" (the "it" being Carson).

My other story is from this morning. Carson woke up at seven to nurse. We sleep in until about nine.  He will sometimes fall back asleep on his own but this morning he was cooing and grunting away. After some time I decided that I probably needed to hold him and rock a bit to get him back down. We bed share so he sleeps right next to me. I opened my eyes and he was staring at me. As soon as he saw me open my eyes he put on a big happy smile. It was seriously so cute...Like, "Mama, there you are!" I'm really loving these new coos, smiles and being the Momma of a newborn again. He's a really easy baby (I hope I didn't just jinx us) and while I can't wait to see him grow and do new things, this cuddly baby stage is super awesome and sweet.

That's all for today. With many breaks, this post took longer than intended. Off to make dinner!

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