23 Days in as a Momma of Two

We're over three weeks in now. It seems like so much longer. New routines are set. I can't believe I was just pregnant three weeks ago but also that our sweet boy will be a month old soon.

I remember telling Joe back in February something along the lines of "someday we'll look at our new family and not be able to picture a time Carson wasn't a part of it". While I can still very clearly remember the times that our girl was my sole little partner, it's crazy how it seems like that was so long ago already. In the past three weeks she has grown SO much. I look at her and she looks so big now, yet so small at only two years old. Compared to baby brother though she IS big. She's such an amazing sister to him and such a sweet, sweet girl. She adores him. Our nightly story time has always been very special to me. Tonight she wanted to "hold" brother. I told her that if she cleaned up all her toys she could. Since it was already bed time for her I figured she could "hold" him in bed, while we read. It was the sweetest thing. She laid down and I put him next to her, on her arm. She wrapped her arm around him and put her hand on the side of his head. She tends to do that every time she holds him. It's so sweet. She also constantly comments "cuuuute" when looking at him. Not sure why we even named him. He's referred to around here as "Brother".  I'm not sad that she's handed him the "baby" title in our home. Ok...maybe just a little (they're both my babies) but I think it's super sweet how willingly she's done it. She's shown no resentment at all towards sharing any attention or love with her brother and willingly gives it from herself too. I guess that's where I come from when I say she's grown so much. Her welcoming brother so enthusiastically has just been better than anything we could have wished for.

So is it how I imagined? For now, it's easier...the day to day stuff. Carson still sleeps a lot. I may be eating my words when we have an active one year old and a busy three year old. For now though, the things that scared me really aren't bad. I worried most about the little things...grocery shopping, our morning and night time routines, getting myself and two kids out of the house and loaded in and out of the car. All of that just falls into place. Things got tweaked, I plan ahead. The routines aren't "hard", just different...and longer. Getting out when Joe is off work is even better. Tag teaming everything is nice.

Feeding is going awesome, like last time. Carson is nursing great. My supply is good. At his two week checkup we learned that he gained a whole pound in just nine days. Nuts! Here I was questioning things because he wanted to eat constantly. He was just working on chunking up! Doctors like for babies to get back up to their birth weight by two weeks old. Carson surpassed his by 14oz! His weight stats up until last week. We don't go back to the doctor for any more check-ups until he's two months old.

- Birth- 5lb 8.5oz
- Two days old, at discharge from hospital- 5lb 4oz ...(4.5oz lost)
- Five days old- 5lbs 6.5oz ...(2.5oz gained)
- Exactly two weeks old- 6lbs 6.5oz ...(1 lb gained)
Sleep is also going pretty good. We're still co-sleeping and it's working for us. We got Carson a Snuza breathing movement monitor for some reassurance. He usually only wakes every few hours to eat, burp and have his diaper changed. There's nights where he passes out and sleeps long stretches and nights where the stretches are a bit shorter. He always goes back down easily though and sleeps until we get up with Finley at around 9ish in the morning. Some days he sleeps beyond that and we do her breakfast stuff while he's still sleeping. Others days, he wakes up and nurses while she watches a show or plays a bit while she waits on brother to finish before I make her food. On Joe's days off, he occasionally does Finley's breakfast while I do Carson's. Our biggest night time hurdle this past week has been spit-ups and pee accidents during diaper changes. Our washer has been getting plenty of use, that's for sure. I can't get the new diaper on quick enough! At four in the morning the goal is to get baby fed and back to sleep. Having to strip the bed and add on new, clean blankets is not a part of the "quick" trip back to dream land. Speaking of, it's midnight and I have a sleeping baby next to me and a husband on the way home from work and then running at the park. Promise I won't take so long until the next post!

Here's a quick photo unload to make up for my lack of posts.

Fist time in the Moby at eighteen days old . We'd been using the Beco Gemini up until then.

After his first real bath. His cord stump fell off at eight days old. Finley's took three weeks!


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